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Hi, I've been trying for the past eight years to be a vegetarian but I fail every time. I think I end up getting bored of what I'm eating, and I'm in college so I'm extremely limited to whatever they're serving in my college's dining hall which is always meat, otherwise I can just have a salad. That gets old really fast. I can't afford to buy my own food, and even if I did, I only have a microwave and a blender at my disposal.
I'm an incredibly picky eater - my meals are very very limited as it is. At the moment, I only eat poultry. I don't like the taste of other meat. I like really bland meals with a lot of salt. I hate being so picky and I'm working on changing that, but it's incredibly difficult to do. I'm so picky that I've gone days without eating because there was nothing in the dining hall that I was willing to touch.
I could really use some advice =\

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/08/15 08:06:25

    There is no reason that a vegetarian (or vegan) diet must be boring. The world of plants offers countless wonderful flavors. I always thought that flesh was not that tasty without seasoning.

    Read a few of the thousands of books and websites available.

    Personally, I'd toss the microwave and go with a hot plate,- but there's nothing wrong with eating raw foods, either!

    If you're a student, there is almost surely a vegetarian, or better yet vegan, group on campus that can be of help in many ways.

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    Posted by satreigh at 04/08/15 08:16:41

    That's the problem, I don't like seasoning. I'm too picky to eat from a cookbook, their recipes are too rich and I can't stand the way it tastes. I live off of potatoes, pizza and chicken right now. Going out to eat with friends is a nightmare because restaurants rarely have anything I like lol

    I'm also not allowed to have my own appliances in the dorm, so I'm stuck with the community microwave and blender =\

    There isn't a vegetarian or vegan club, there's only 1300 students in my college so we don't have much going on. This is our list of clubs/groups/organizations:

    Active Minds
    Animal Health Club (AHC)
    ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, Native American)
    Becker League of Legends
    B.L.U.E. Crew
    Campus Activities Board
    Dance Club
    Dance Team
    Fencing Club
    Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
    Independent Game Developer Association (IGDA)
    Japanese Society (J-Soc)
    Lambing Team
    Longboarding Club
    Mazunte Turtle Project Club
    National Student Nurses Association (NSNA)
    ONE Campus Challenge
    Pre-Veterinary Club

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/12/15 07:04:13

    You don't like seasoning? Do you eat potatoes, pizza and chicken with no salt, pepper, etc.?

    Kentucky Fried Chicken is hugely popular because of its "secret" seasonings. There are literally thousands of plants used for seasoning. I think you may be giving them short shrift.

    Why not start a vegetarians group on your campus? All such groups have a beginning...

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    Posted by Kayales_XC17 at 05/09/15 00:27:45


    I also go to a small college with about 1300 students. I know the dining hall doesn't offer very many veg choices most of the time, but as far as cooking with a microwave I love Amy's Organic and Kashi brand frozen meals. Both brands are pretty inexpensive.

    Also this cookbook might help you:

    Good luck!

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    Posted by roger.salty.boy at 06/07/15 18:58:33

    I'm surprised your college doesn't offer you a vegetarian option! Maybe you could try talking to the chefs or management - I'm sure they make seperate meals for people with allergies, hopefully they can accomodate you!

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