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    Posted by Beecka at 05/30/09 19:38:07

    Actually,Swine flu can not be caught by eating pork. The virus is one of the few that can be caught and passed from one species of animal to another. The H1N1 virus originated from a pig, was passed to a human the same way that we can catch a cold from each other. It has absolutely nothing to do with the pork industry.

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    Posted by Stevie at 06/02/09 06:40:57

    Hi there,

    "Swine flu can not be caught by eating pork."

    Could you advise please where it was suggested that swine flu is caught by eating pork?

    Also are you able to respond to the following comment in the weblink posted above?

    "The link to animal industries is undeniable. One-third to one-half of pigs on modern farms have antibody evidence of the swine flu virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The reason: overcrowded pig farms create the perfect reservoir for this virus to replicate, creating new and more deadly strains. Once a pathogen emerges, it is spread by farm workers and the transport of livestock."


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    Posted by Anthonyfromtheuk at 07/26/09 08:11:55

    Swine flu looks like its man made designer virus. its a mix of North American swine flu, North American avian flu, human H1N1 flu and a swine flu strain found in Asia and Europe. Its just a big money maker certain companies had the patent for the "antidote" before it even came about! Need to arrest the people who made it for bio terrorism

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