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Hi, since becoming a vegetarian around 6 months ago I have lost around 3/4 of a stone which I did not want to loose. I eat lots of beans and lentils bt the weight is still dropping off. I have a physical job and exercize alot so need lots of protene and fats, Any tips on good sorces of these? Thanks in advance. Tim

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    Posted by happah10 at 10/31/17 00:48:09

    Nuts nuts nuts.
    Peanuts are my favorite.

    Healthy fats, easy calories and loads of protons.

    Seeds are great too. Same benefits. Pumpkin seeds are my favorite for snacking but i shovel a seed blend in my cereal every morning. Chia, flax, etc

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    Posted by Kiwifruiti at 02/13/18 14:34:00

    Avocados and acai berries are a great source of healthy fat.

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    Posted by VeggieNovelist at 03/06/18 17:47:56

    Not to be too nerdy, but weight is just math. Everyone needs a certain amount of calories each day for their body to function. That's your maintainence caloric intake. When you eat less calories than your body needs to function, it burns stored fat (e.g. you lose weight). Go online, find a "daily calorie calculator", and see how many calories you need to eat to maintain your weight. If you still lose weight, it means your maintainence is higher than the estimate. In that case, add 300 calories or so and see if your weight levels out. It may take a little work to figure out how many calories your body burns a day, but it will stop you from losing weight. Weight loss is math, so may the odds be ever in your favor 😉

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 03/11/18 04:07:01

    Peanut butter, almond butter, avocados, Earth Balance, veggie burgers, vegan cheeses etc will all keep weight on you, trust me I wish I had these "skinny vegan" problems but I like food too much.

    If the issue is being on a food budget where you can't really afford things like Earth Balance or vegan cheese, try cooking with canola oil and using nuts and seeds or nut butters in your food a lot more often. You can also use sesame tahini. Good luck.

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