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This wonderful book is going to change the lives of many people & animals.

The "buzz" about Jeffrey is growing exponentially - there were 108,000 results from a Google Search today for "Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson".

It is wonderful what one remarkable human being can achieve!
Chicago Tribune yesterday -,0,4398054.story

Excerpts -

+ Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson wants to help all meat eaters wake up from their denial. He wants to prepare us for what he describes as "transformative moment," when we look at the meat or animal product on our plate (fish, fowl, mammal, egg, milk, cheese) and acknowledge that
it came from a living being, capable, he has no doubt, of suffering and happiness. +

+He grew up in Los Angeles, the son of two vegetarians, and moved in and out of vegetarianism. He has been vegan for many years and offers his own experience (including what he eats on an average day) here.+
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson - active vegan - a great interview with Tina Volpe

(I have played this interview twice now & I have already sent the link to 7,000+ friends & connections on Facebook)

The interview -

When you have a free hour it is both very enjoyable to listen to - as well as being highly informative.

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson is a writer who lives with his family in New Zealand. He has been a professor at several universities in Canada and America. After serving as Projects Director of the Sigmund Freud Archives, he wrote a series of books critical of psychiatry and therapy. In the 1990s he turned his attention to animals, and in particular, their emotional lives. His book When Elephants Weep became an international best seller, as was Dogs Never Lie About Love. Since those two books he has published 6 more books about animals.

Jeffrey's site -

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    Posted by hd1lady at 03/22/09 10:10:46

    I can tell you that this interview was the most comfortable I've felt in years - there was such a 'similarity' in thoughts that made it so easy to speak your mind and run off of the beaten path.

    I actually haven't had a bad interview since Wake UP America has returned on Voice America, but this was by far, my favorite.

    I hope you enjoy it - and please, if anyone has ANY suggestions how to make this a better show, please - speak up!

    I'm only doing this to try to stop the suffering in the only other way I know how (besides writing books) - and I feel this is a great way to reach the unknowing public - so all comments are welcomed, and usually taken to heart.

    Also, questions that run through your mind can be shared on each interview, right up until we go live - so if you have a question for a specific guest, I'll be happy to ask it in your name.

    Let's all work together to make this show a success - and in return, wake up Americans from their slumber :)

    With love for ALL!
    Tina Volpe

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