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i live in a VERY small town, and we don't have very many stores, not even a wal-mart. the closest wal-mart is an hour and a half away. I was hoping that i could get a list of stores and online vegetarian food services? thanks!

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    Posted by webmaster at 10/20/07 18:57:00

    Hi Cordilah,

    Did you already check out the HappyCow Marketplace listings for online veg. food?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 10/21/07 16:10:13

    What kind of vegetarian are you? ^_^

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 10/22/07 01:50:13

    Which "Linton"? - which state? - North Dakota? / Indiana?

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    Posted by vesalius123 at 10/28/07 07:14:22

    Wal-mart is probably not the greatest place to shop etically due to their monopoly and this takes awayall the buisness from etical farmers and local stores which tend to be more etically run due to their size, and ability to then make sure that they are running an etical, cruelty free buisness, As you will find many a small buisness does.

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    Posted by peasonearth at 11/06/07 11:19:07

    Hey there Cordilah,

    I agree with visalius and think you should consider yourself lucky that walmart hasn't invaded your town yet!! All you need to be a good vegan is access to vegetables, fruits, beans, etc., all of which can usually be bought in your local small supermarket. I live in Taiwan, where I can't really get any of the vegan meats and other things available at health food stores in the US, and I do fine here cooking for myself. You can also check out the recipes section of this site.

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