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So I'm a young entrepreneur putting together a business plan for a new vegetarian and vegan restaurant/cafe. I'm from Cleveland, but I am willing to relocate to open in place that really needs a cool new place for vegetarians and vegans to eat and hang out. Does anyone have suggestions/imput for me? Thanks.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 09/13/10 16:22:04

    What type of food do you intend to serve?
    What type of cafe do you envision being?

    That can help narrow it down.
    Good luck w the planing. All the encouragement and positivity your way!!

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    Posted by andreyman3d2k at 09/13/10 16:43:14

    My town, Fort Lee, NJ has a good plaza with some openings. It has lots of office buildings nearby, a very busy supermarket and a High School within walking distance. I always thought a vegan joint would do great here. It's also minutes away from the George Washington Bridge (the busiest bridge in the world), and you would definitely draw the commuter crowd. There are not many decent places nearby, but lots of people, so it would be a great spot, methinks.

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