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Hello all Help been vegan for 8 days and can't stop trumping? Had a wee accident today too! Is this normal because it's early days and my body is adapting? Anyone else experienced this

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    Posted by Ricardo at 06/18/16 08:43:23

    I don't remember having the same problem when I became vegan.
    But I went progressively from vegetarian to vegan, so perhaps my body got used little by little.
    I'd recommend to wait a bit longer to see how your body evolves, and also at the same time have a look at foods which might be causing those problems (soy?).
    I remember that somewhere in the net there are articles explaining which combinations of foods could produce what you are having.

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    Posted by Butch at 06/18/16 17:56:20

    HI norbatty,

    What type of vegan diet are you following? It is a conventional vegan diet, with approximately equal portions of legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruit? Is it a fruit-centered vegan diet? Please provide more details.

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    Posted by ChiaChild at 08/14/16 08:28:48

    Hi Norbatty

    Firstly congratulations on taking the step on becoming a vegan! I am a vegetarian but slowly made the transition so my body and mind adjusted to the change. It may be worth checking out the vegan food pyramid advice to make sure that your diet is balanced not too much of anything ie fibre as it can be a bit of a problem for some constitutions. Hopefully someone here can help...good luck!