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Hi guys,
I am new to this site. Just wanted to chat with some like-minded individuals and learn more about alternative diets which dont involve cruelty to animals.
Just wondering though: I am new to vegetarianism. Only started this year. Does it get easier to deal with the suffering you know you have inflicted on animals in the past? Right now, I am so cut up about what goes on in factory farming.
I feel like I cant just be a vego and not try and convince others to do the same. But I have found that people tend to get very rude or angry when you mention the 'elephant' in the room.
I don't really know what my point is. I guess i just want to know if there is a way of approaching the topic which will promote discussion and perhaps even change?

Thanks :)

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    Posted by shearwater at 12/26/09 21:28:12

    Welcome to the Cows! But most importantly, welcome to Vegetarianism!

    I don't believe any of us should feel guilty about animal suffering in our past. What counts is we overcame years of indoctrination by parents and society instilling/inflicting on us agri-business propaganda. Animal suffering is their fault. We're the ones who grew beyond and are working towards making the world cruelty-free.

    As you mentioned, many people get rude or angry when the "elephant" in the room is mentioned. I believe deep down most thinking people feel a bit guilty killing animals. So they rationalize that it's a necessary evil. That's why we hear comments like "I don't want to know, you'll ruin my dinner." Of course some people genuinely do enjoy inflicting pain (Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Ted Nugent.....).

    How best to bring up the topic depends on the person and the situation. I try to avoid nagging, being argumentative, or hostile. But at the same time if they aren't going to hide their meat-eating, hunting exploits, animal skin clothing, etc. I see no reason to hide my views. So I find ways to advertise - sometimes subtly, sometimes not so much. Sometimes just leading by example is enough to encourage discussion and change.

    When someone thinks I'm 15 years younger than I really am or wonders why I never seem to get sick or why I have so much energy I use it as a chance to talk about my healthy vegan diet. I speak out and write a lot as well and freely use T-shirts and bumperstickers just as anyone else does about any other issue. It's not only appropriate but our responsibility to let others know about cruelty to animals, threats to human health and the environment, and how animal agriculture is increasing the divide between rich nations and the world's hungry. The increasing popularity of vegetarianism and veganism in recent years shows it's good to free elephants, whether they be topics in a room or slaves in a circus or zoo.

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    Posted by emama at 03/26/10 08:55:27

    Hey there!!
    im a lil late on responding but then again its never to late to make a friend =)
    i have been veg since i was in the third grade. and i can definatly say as a kid i was a lot more agressive about my aproch,then again people are unlikely gonna be rude to a kid trying to save the world from man i am a lot more suttle and tend to lead by example,BUT when they ask why dont i eat meat,I tell then straight out! if they didn't want to hear it then they shouldn't have asked =) NEVER be affraid to stand up for what you believe's what makes you,being veggie is not just my food choice,its my life choice,its how i view life in i totally agree that people do feel guilty an lash out,people always tell me how they commend me because they could never follow through.Congrats on making the switch by the way!!!!woo-hoo:)
    And the more your put your self out ther and try new things,the easier it will be.An happy cow is a great help!!

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