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I just started a Facebook vegan community page that focuses on delivering uniquely powerful (custom) memes that engage people to think about veganism & animal equality. We use a range of styles to send a clear message, such as humor & wisdom.

The FB page will be a platform for several future projects, including a blog & published articles.

I'm not on social media too often so promoting the page isn't my forte, so I'm seeking to team up with a vegan who would enjoy sharing the memes on the different FB vegan groups. Ideal if you're already active on the different groups, if not they're easy to join.

This is a very casual, very part-time little gig, but on-going. You would just share the memes on my page to the many vegan FB groups (humor, social, activism, etc) with a link and a little comment about following us. That's it, and it would involve posting the memes 3-6 x a week averaging about 2-3 hrs weekly. And in exchange we can agree on some sort of mini compensation package (via Paypal etc).

Please feel free to contact me at email; Please, vegans only & please provide a link to your FB page, thanks) :)

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