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Hello. Like the title says, I am new to being a vegetarian. My husband and I decided to go vegetarian starting on 1/1/13. We had horrible diets, ate tons of fast food and junk food, and were trying to loose weight with no luck. Then we watched a couple of documentaries about plant based diets and raw food diets, and after realizing the horrible health problems that come just from eating meat we decided to make the change. We are also huge animal lovers and have always hated the thought of the animal cruelty involved with the meat industry.
So far we have done great considering we both have been huge meat eaters all our lives. We made the change 'cold turkey', starting from 1/1/13 to eat no meat at all (and splurged the last couple of weeks of 2012 with our 'last days' of meat eating). We decided to give ourselves cheat days, that way if we were really craving meat or one of our favorite meals, we wouldn't feel so guilty for 'falling off the wagon' or anything like that. We planned on having 1 day a week at first, then work down to 1 a month, and so on.
I'm glad to say that today is day 27 and we haven't had one cheat day so far! We have thought about it a few times, but haven't really needed any cheats, and we are both feeling a lot better with our choice.
Now to my problem. We are having a hard time figuring out how to have a balanced and healthy diet. We have a major weakness for pasta, potatoes, and cheese. And most of the recipes we've found that we like are all in this area. We do still eat a lot of fruits and veggies, and a lot of the meals have beans, but I'm worried that we aren't eating enough of the things we need to, and too much of the things that are going to keep us from loosing any weight. I've seen tons of different 'pyramids' for how much of what we should be getting, but they all have different amounts of things, and I've never been good at figuring those things out.
For both of us, between our work schedules, going to the gym, and our other chores/errands, its hard to get in time to cook 3 meals a day, or even 1. So trying to figure out how to balance our diet has been difficult.
Wow! That was a whole lot longer than I expected it to be! Sorry for the gigantic long post, but any advice would be great! We don't know anyone who is vegetarian, so we don't really have anyone to ask about this kind of thing. Thanks a lot for reading this, and any help :)

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    Posted by veganvet at 01/28/13 21:08:08

    Congratulations on your resolve to commit to a vegetarian diet. I highly recommend watching the documentary "Forks Over Knives" (available at as well as through NetFlix) which follows people who transformed their health though adopting a whole-foods, plant-based diet. Moving to a fiber-rich plant-based diet can take a bit of adjusting, but your body will thank you in the long run. If you have cravings for meat, you can seek out plant-based alternatives to satisfy that craving before launching into a totally whole-foods vegan diet right off the bat. I'm not sure where you are located, but there are also some great vegan cooking classes you can take in Pasadena on Saturday mornings through March via Check out for more healthful, plant-based recipes. Best of luck! :)
    Armaiti May

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    Posted by srambo718 at 01/29/13 13:24:58

    Thanks! I've already watched forks over knives, that and food matters both really opened our eyes to the health benefits of no meat. I live in las Vegas, and am trying to find classes around my area. We keep trying new recipes but it's just so hard finding the good tasting food that's also good for us lol

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    Posted by irishmouse at 03/31/13 09:11:04

    The other movie I would recommend is titled 'Vegucated' and can be rented from Amazon. It specifically shows newly minted vegetarians navigating a supermarket with a vegetarian educator, and gives great tips on what to eat and how to have a well balanced diet.

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