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What is the name for a person that fulfills the requirements of veganism except taking medication produced through animal experimentation?

Before you call this extreme;
Vegans that buy from where there is produced on a meat-based energy-intake.

And somewhat important:
Vegans that eat greens produced on farms using animal fertilizer.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/14/17 22:38:43

    How about veganism sustained through religious participation?

    What is the name for this?

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    Posted by marlicious at 10/15/17 07:23:57

    I don't think there are names for these yet, possibly this has something to do with our meat-oriented society.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 04:52:53

    You're a vegan. I get really tired of the vegan-on-vegan bullying. If you would die, suffer horribly, or simply not be able to function normally without a particular medication, but you otherwise don't consume or use animal products in any way you're still vegan.

    Same with shopping at a grocery store. I used to try to shop at Follow Your Heart but the truth is most of us have to shop at a market that sells meat. You're still vegan if you go to the grocery store. If we got really pedantic about it, no one is completely vegan because of the mice killed by harvesting grain, the cockroaches you don't want in your apartment, and the brutal necessity of most people having to shop at a grocery store.

    You can be a purist, and there is something honorable about being as vegan as you possibly can be. I'm truly fascinated by people who only get their food at farmer's markets et al and eat zero processed or packaged foods from traditional grocery stores...but is this a realistic option for everyone? NO.

    I haven't eaten at a chain restaurant in the past three months, but when I lived in Los Angeles it seemed like some sort of life necessity to "veganize" my lunch at restaurant that also served animal products.

    It's like the Daiya wars - that stuff drives me crazy. I'm utterly opposed to animal testing, but Daiya isn't actually doing animal testing, they were bought out by a company who does, and Daiya being bought out happens to have the side benefit that it WILL make vegan cheese mainstream, because so many restaurants now serve Daiya, and the price of Daiya boxed mac n cheez has dropped by a dollar or two since they were bought out, making Daiya mac n cheez more affordable to say, college students, or working class people, who are concerned about saving money as a vegan.

    They're still vegans.

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    Posted by happah10 at 10/31/17 01:21:10

    When i went vegan two years ago, i established that medication i need for my survival is exempt. In a survival situation, i will do what I need to do to survive and if that means taking pills that have microscopic traces of animals I'm fine with that. In fact i just got a prescription that probably isn't vegan. We're on top of the food chain. Dont forget that. I reserve the right to revert back to my savage caveman ways to stay alive.

    That's not the same as being a vegan when its convenient or a cheagan or whatever. I'm not going to forgo medical treatment just the same as im not going to let my house become infested with cockroaches. Thats not the same as giving in to temptation when i drive by a burger joint. Its also not the same as supporting a factory farm or th animal agriculture industry.

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