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Mock-meats from 100+ years ago - the first mention that I have so far found of 'Nuttolene'!

From the book -

A Comprehensive
To Natural, Hygienic &
Humane Diet



Editor of -

"The Herald of the Golden Age"

Published May, 1902

Pages 41 - 42 - 43


SATISFACTORY substitutes for the ar-

ticles used under the old food regime are

now upon the market, and new specialties are

frequently being invented.

Beef can be replaced by " Nuttose," which

can be carved just like a small joint of meat.

Chicken and Veal find an efficient sub-

stitute in " Protose " - the flavor of which is

so delicate as to commend itself to almost

everyone who tries it.

Suet is replaced by " Vejsu " - a vegetable

suet which is indistinguishable from beef suet

that is sold in packets. Another substitute

is pine kernels, which contain l0 ozs. of oil

to the pound, and which, when rolled and

chopped, resemble suet exactly. A third sub-

stitute is " Nucoline," or " Albene " (flaked in

the nut mill) ; a fourth is tapioca.

Lard is inferior in every respect to Nuco-

line, Albene, and Olive Oil.

Gelatine is substituted by "agar-agar," a

sea-weed which is quite tasteless.

Extract of Beef is replaced by " Carnos "

or by " Odin " - the latest triumph of the phys-

ical laboratory, which consists of a malt extract

of barley that is undistinguishable from con-

centrated extract of beef. Its taste and smell

are identical and yet it is free from the nox-

ious elements contained in beef. " Nut But-

ter," " Nuttolene," " Plasmon," and other valu-

able specialties enable stock to be thickened,

strengthened and flavored. Similar produc-

tions are being constantly invented and placed

on the market.

Meat Stock is substituted by vegetable

stock, produced by stewing haricots, peas, len-

tils, and the like. The latter is far more nutri-

tious, and is free from uric acid and excremen-

titious matter.

In the following pages recipes will be found

for preparing dishes which closely resemble,

in taste and appearance, those to which a car-

nivorous community has been accustomed,

many of them being of such a nature that

persons who have always been fond of flesh-

food find it difllicult to detect whether they are

eating such or not. Even fish cutlets can be

simulated by preparing vegetable substances

closely resembling the real thing.

The full book -

1915 ad for Nuttolene & Protose -

* * * * *


Are the very Basis of Food Reform

They were the pioneers of the movement in this country and STILL STAND UNRIVALLED

Following are a few of our Specialities:


Acknowledged to be the most valuable family food of its kind. Granose is wheat in the form of crisp, delicate flakes, thoroughly cooked and so rendered highly digestible. While it is given to very young infants with great success it is an all-round family food and is increasing in popularity everywhere.

Free samples supplied to bona-fide inquirers.


A delicious substitute for meat, guaranteed to be free from all chemical impurities. Thoroughly cooked, highly nutritious, and digestible. Made entirely from choice nuts and wheat.


Makes superior porridge in one minute: also good as a basis for vegetarian

"Roasts." Children are delighted with it for breakfast. Very nourishing.


Without doubt the most delicate and tempting substitute for meat pastes.

Makes excellent sandwiches and is capable of a variety of uses.


A wholesome beverage made entirely from cereals. Should be used in place of tea and ordinary coffee.


The distinguishing feature of our biscuits is that they are absolutely pure, nourishing and digestible. We make a variety combining wholesomeness with palatableness.

Everybody who studies his health should become acquainted with our Health Foods, for they are *manufactured in the interests of health and NOT merely for profit.*

Ask your dealer for our complete Price List or send direct to the

*International Health Association, Ltd.


* * * * *

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    Posted by kindlizard at 04/12/11 22:25:57

    Thats awesome Johnny. Thanks for posting. I love the line, "free from uric acid and excrementitious matter." My new fave word; sub it for "Schmeat" and other syn.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 04/13/11 03:54:42

    Thank you kindlizard.

    My great-grandparents would often have used 'excrementitious' when describing their food to friends.

    Webster's 1828 American Dictionary
    'excrementitious' - [Adjective] Pertaining to excrement; containing excrement; consisting in matter evacuated or proper to be evacuated from the animal body.

    ......the adverb is excrementitiously - I was hard pushed to think of a sentence which might include it - then I discovered Lawrence S. Pertillar's poem -
    If McDonalds advertized - Excrementitious Burgers it might even increase their sales!
    Graham Chapman & friends having fun with some much shorter words -

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