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On Wednesday 16 June 2010, the European Union voted in favour of better labelling for vegetarians and vegans throughout Europe. Part of a huge food labelling bill, the vegetarian and vegan labelling amendment was based on the UK Food Standards Agency's (FSA) “Guidance on the use of the terms ‘vegetarian' and ‘vegan' in food labelling”, paving the way for correct vegetarian and vegan labelling to be enshrined in law throughout Europe.

The FSA guidelines were introduced in 2006 following discussions with the Vegetarian Society and others. Although working reasonably well here in the UK, the guidelines do not have the full legal backing that this vote ensures. The amendment is even better news in many European countries which have previously had no formally agreed meaning for the terms vegetarian and vegan.

Manufacturers will have three years (five for small companies) to comply.

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