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The Dutch Party for the Animals (see the Animal Rights and Animal Welfare section) has launched a documentary film in response to "An inconvenient truth", called "Meat the truth". The movie is pointing out that eating habits are a major factor in global warming. According to the FAO, the livestock sector is a major is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions measured in CO2 equivalent. This is a 40 % higher share than transport.

At the moment only a Dutch language version exists, but a translation into English is in the works for February next year. If you are into environmental data: the factsheet of the film is in English an can be found at

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    Posted by Aardy at 01/02/08 23:48:29

    Hi Marco, I read the webpage you listed above. Wow! If the facts are even half true it is mind-boggling what this means for Earth's environmental problems, never mind the health problems this implicates. Thanks so much for posting this site. Wish everyone in the world would read it and reconsider. It certainly has given me another huge reason to remain vegetarian. Aardy

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    Posted by Marco at 02/26/08 13:47:06

    An update on "Meat the truth". The English language version is to première this summer in New York, London, Brussels, Madrid, Sydney, Dresden, Sao Paulo en Fortaleza! Party leader Marianne Thieme is also working on an English translation of her book "De eeuw van het dier" (The century of the animal).

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