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Hello ! I became vegan like few days ago , I am regreting that I did not start with veganism earlier . It feels so right ! I am from Czechia . I can tell you about my country . I am looking for friends who understand veganism . Thank you for your comments

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    Posted by Nobonezone at 03/01/18 18:01:35

    blessed love i am happy u r on this side of the river ..... the safe side .. never 2 late for a shower of rain, good to know u a vegan ..... we will be your friend and support u ....

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    Posted by VipulSodha at 04/04/18 13:46:11

    Well, I do understand vegansim. I was one of those people who could not given up on diary products, but it was like a calling for me when I just decided to cut down on all that and turn vegan and to be honest, I don’t regret it. It's much healthier. Just to not miss out on proteins and nutrients and make my diet fuller, I added Ace Blend protein powder to daily intake of food. Its a vegan blend enriched with superfoods and antioxidants. I would suggest you to try it out. They have flavours too. Check their website to know about it. I really like it!

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    Posted by AleksaTash at 04/11/18 23:38:35

    Hello there, I am so happy and proud that the vegan community is growing. I myself am a vegetarian however I've been vegan for a while and can't wait to return to the lifestyle after I move out from my family home. All of my family is super into meat and I don't do the shopping for our house which makes things difficult but I do try to cut out as much dairy and eggs as possible. My family attempting to force me into dairy doesn't help but eventually it'll pass. We all support you on your beautiful journey 🌸

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    Posted by Valentinio at 04/27/18 15:05:32

    Yeah, I'm looking for veg friends and other vegs for my free social dating portal too...

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    Posted by Mav at 04/27/18 19:53:52

    I'm also to get into veganism. But I just can't let go of eggs.. also cheese XD

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