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So Ive been Vegan for a year now and i love it, its the best desision ive ever made.
But I live in an area where there are almost no vegans, I go to a Agricultual college And board with Farmers and gamekkeepers.
Im used to getting sh*t from them and I know theyre not being melisious or anything, theyre good people (ish).
But my main problem is when I go home. My family are all meat eaters (and wonderful people I dont know what Id do without them). When theyre talking about what they want to eat for dinner (meat) I have to leave the room to either cry or start hyperventilating.
Im not exactly sure whats making me freek out so much. I think it scares me how the people I love dont seem to care about somthing so herific to me.
Im not the sort of person who can express their fears to their family easily. Im worried I may dovelop anxiety or somthing over this because I have no one who understands how I feel to talk to.


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    Posted by Vegart at 03/30/18 16:23:38

    Hi there,

    I understand you very well. It is very challenging to live with meat eaters when it contradicts your own beliefs.

    However, you can not force them into change. We only can patiently share with people around out views. Until they understand what is it they are doing. It is not an easy task, I know. I vegan few last years and was vegeterian years before.

    I understand your frustration and pain. They do not. They do not harm you or animals consciously. Their concious is closed in that aspect. Imagine it as a blindness. You are there to explain them what they are unable to see. It might take you years to help them to open their eyes. It is their choice when to do it, you only can guide them without an expectation that they will change.
    Now, to deal with an immediate issue - for now eliminate yourself from family meat meals. Instead, meditate/do yoga/read a book - your focus is to take your mind away to something else and stay balanced.
    What you are experiencing is a strong emotional abreaction and it is not beneficial for you to have it.
    Are these your parents/partners?

    Breath and stay balanced :)

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 04/01/18 05:47:08

    Yeah one of the problems with agricultural colleges is that they tend to focus on traditional agriculture. Not only is traditional agriculture not vegan, it's also completely unsustainable!

    I urge you to look at resources on permaculture and no-till farming, as well as veganic farming. Appropedia is one resource on permaculture and other sustainable farming practices (though they too have sections on things like goat or chicken farming).

    It must be really tiring to put up with that if you're passionate about agriculture and have no other choice of where to get a degree in ag.

    I'd avoid these people whenever possible. Just saying.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 04/01/18 05:58:37

    Here's a video on vegan permaculture:

    Here's a video on vegan food forests:

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    Posted by Enchanted at 04/01/18 21:15:39

    I often post on another forum and come up against all sorts of silly comments from people who "think" they are on the right path with things like hunting and blind belief regarding meat eating and the factory farming industry.
    Not long ago I posted a thread on animal rights that caused the hunters on the forum to get very vocal on the subject. I was told by the moderator not to start a thread like it again. I was also told that animal rights was not a subject that did well on there. I started another thread to do with eating lamb and this too was removed and deleted saying that it would cause arguments..

    My point is, you will get these people everywhere in life. They can not see. I am speaking from years of experience coming up against people in life who defend there right to eat meat and take part in cruel sports. I have campaigned and received ridicule for my efforts but I will never give up. Together we can make a difference.

    I have worked with so called highly"educated people" and found many of their years of study for their degree completely pointless on the plains of common sense and spiritual development ...rather I have found ignorance of the level you would not believe. (This is just my experience of a certain few)
    I am not against system educated people as I myself am one having numerous official qualifications and awards. I am merely saying that I personally know people with no college or university education and they are far more wise than some people I know with degrees. ......a person may spend years trying to perfect an understanding of something that comes so naturally to someone else. This is not to say that this is a hopeless situation as everyone can learn.

    Do not stop speaking around your family members. Let them know how you feel. You are right and they are as yet not awake to their actions of meat eating. It may be that one comment from you hits home and sparks their conscience.

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