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"I just can't believe how much I want him to win" - John Robbins reflecting on Barack Obama last month.

So this "wish" of John Robbins has now been fulfilled!

Watch the presentation here - - John Robbins at the World Vegetarian Festival Weekend in San Francisco California on October 5, 2008.

Topics include -

+ Reducing meat consumption

+ Barack Obama

+ Factory farming

+ Family interactions

+ The Fox Network

+ Darryl Hannah

+ Medicine in the US

+ Vertical Farming - see

& much more.

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    Posted by HM at 11/06/08 00:23:49

    I'm still walking on air.
    Last night was so full of glee as my friends and I joined many at Proper Eats (listed here on HC) to watch the election.
    I just remember looking at the screen....
    Obama at 207
    McCain at 143, having crept up little by little.
    I had gotten some text messages so I was reading through and responding, and not 2 minutes later I heard a man in to the back of me yell "OUR NEW PRESIDENT!!!".
    I looked at him as everyone began cheering loudly, looked at the screen and saw Obama at 183.
    I couldn't believe it.
    I looked at my friend's computer, which on line had more updated results, and Obama was at over 300.
    This will be the beginning of something new, something better.
    His speech was humble, and the pain in his eyes from the loss of his so honored grandmother very present.
    I'm happy for him.
    I know my great great great (not sure how many greats follow) uncle John Brown, the slave abolitionist who was of pre civil war times (look him up) would be rolling in his grave if that were actually possible.
    my two cents.
    Oh... as for her... did she miss out on the memo that red was their color? I'm wondering if they all did, with their blue back drop.

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    Posted by Lanky at 11/08/08 22:36:02

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... but Obama is not the one. He cannot be trusted.
    I know many of the devotees will call me crazy, but this guy is going to terrible for us. How do I know?
    First, common sense. This guy has been pushed down our throats like coca-cola by the corporate media for 18 months now. Nobody gets that kind of air time unless they are a corporate shill. He was billed as Hillary's only rival from the beginning, yet guys like Kucinich and Gravel - genuine agents of change with long, distinguished resumes, who have actually been fighting for change for decades- were barely mentioned by the media, unless it was to ridicule them.
    Next, look at the guys around him. He's a memeber of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), which means he pals around with Kissinger and Brzezinski (genuine terrorists, unlike Ayers). Brzezinski is the Karl Rove of his campaign.
    Look at his appointments: Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff; Jane Harman as head of CIA. See for more info.
    The worst thing about Obama is that everybody loves him and trusts him. You're gonna forget about the Big Bad Bush, and the last 8 years, and go back to watching TV, secure in the knowledge that the USA aren't the bad guys anymore. You're gonna stop struggling, because you think Obama will struggle for you. Meanwhile Obama's gonna lead us to the apocolypse. I know you think I'm crazy, but tell me so 4 years from now. He's gonna bring in a global carbon "tax" which wil basically become the new monetary system and will amount to mass slavery; he will lead the new global government - newspapers in Europe are already calling president of the world. He's already talking about war with Iran. He said he agreed with the incursions into Pakistan and Syria; he voted to renew the PATRIOT act.
    In times of univeral deception, speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 11/09/08 05:22:19

    People have the power - Patti Smith -

    The lyrics -

    4 years ago - Bruce Springsteen / Michael Stipe & many friends -
    I am optimistic that there will be much more positive news than negative news coming out of the USA for the next 4 years.

    Barack Obama will be closely watched - he won't get away with too much nonsense.

    The bacon addiction does concern me though - if you ever get a chance to feed him prepare big piles of steamed kale with some shredded ginger - this will counteract the side effects of the bacon just a little.

    I am a Brit currently living in China - I lived in the UK on & off during the horrendous 12 year tyranny of Margaret "Maggie" Thatcher.

    The nightmare scenario would have been 8 years of Bush - followed by 4 years of Sarah Palin - I am sure that Palin would have quickly side-lined / retired McCain

    Watching Sarah Palin on TV led to me have 80's Maggie flashbacks.

    Maggie is now suffering from "the animals revenge" - the prions have got her just like they got Reagan - dementia.

    Margaret Thatcher - "They will have beef too."

    Ronald Reagan - a true lover of "Beef Stew".

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 11/20/08 00:30:46

    +1 for Kucinich. He's the real hero for change. Lets hope Obama listens to him.

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    Posted by Tom at 11/21/08 12:33:27

    We're with you HM, though of course Kucinich is our most preferred candidate, Obama was the next choice and were are elated to see him having overcome the bigotry barrier in this country. That in itself is an enormous step for our society. Of course he wont be able to do everything, and he will have to appease the Clintonites for a while, but I do think he might actually bring some positive change for our nation, and for the planet. It's up to all of us to help out.

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