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I have histamine issues, so I'm trying to purchase this supplement on online
They claim that they are free of "dairy" and "vegetarian" which I find it to be very vague
Is this product vegan?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/04/17 16:11:31

    In the past, Solgar has been vegan. To be sure if they still are, one need check the ingredients list on the label. Did you try contacting the company and asking them?

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/04/17 23:17:19

    The answer is simple.

    Antihistamines are like a band-aid on a gaping wound. It is a short term cover up for a much larger health problem that Western Medicine can not cure. It is good you were diagnosed by Western Medicine. Western medicine offers great diagnostics and great surgery. However, the drug therapies of the Western medical industries rarely cure diseases, but instead only limit symptoms. The side effects of pharmaceuticals kills roughly 200,000 people per year and some studies suggest the number may be closer to 500,000.

    You probably have noticed some of the side effects of anti-histamines which often includes sleeplessness, irritability, too much energy, racing heart or for some products lethargy and uncontrollable sleep.

    To cure your problem, unless sinus surgery is required, is to visit a state licensed Herbalist. Medical herbalogy can be done vegan, just inform your doctor accordingly. There are three main schools of Medical Herbalogy licensed in the state of California where I live: TCM or Traditional Chinese Herbalism, Aryuvedic Herbalism and my favorite, Western Herbal Medicine.

    Herbal medicine can cure your condition, not just mask the problem. You may need to visit several doctors of Herbalogy over a period of a couple of years to acquire a full recovery. I suggest you try all three schools, you will learn a lot. They usually accept insurance. One day you might be educated enough to do this for yourself without an Herbalist's help, but this process will take years.

    You can hear a radio show called "The Herbal Highway" on the web. The dean of the "Blue Otter School of Western Herbalogy" conducts this radio show. Her name is Karyn Sanders, and you can get a free referral to an Herbalist in your area if you only do it by email. Phone consultations are very expensive, I think 300$ per hour. Of course, Karyn is a dean of an institute that offers prep for the California State Licensing, BAs, Masters and PHDs. She also is a long term media star with her show for the past 35 years, broadcast from KPFA in Berkeley. Most other herbalists do not charge that much.

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