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i have a harley davidson jacket and i dont know if it is leather or not. if it is leather id like to sell it and get rid of it if it is not i may keep it but i dont know how to tell. it does not have the leather smell to it but it has also been in a stuffy stinky closet for 6 years. i dont kno if that would take the smell away. also it says american cowhide in the coat right under where it says harley davidson but on the tag it says 100% nylon. now i dont know if that just means the inside is nylon or if the hole thing i just dont know. any pointers on how to tell would be very helpful thanks

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    Posted by Chase Morgan at 06/05/11 11:14:48

    It probably has a nylon inner and a leather outside, I still wear my old leather I figure its best to wear till its tatters then to throw it out and make it an even more useless, wasted death.

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