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Many countries have species of plants or animals that are originally from another place on earth. These species are very disruptive and if left unhindered they can cause extensive damage to local wildlife and disrupt natural cycles in the environment. To curb these invasive species many places use different forms of mass murder or genocide to control their numbers. As a vegan, I'm against the killing of animals especially at a big scale. I don't know if there are better, efficient ways to control those populations that doesn't involve killing animals. This isn't an easy question to answer.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 03/31/12 21:07:37

    I absolutely agree. Have you heard of garlic mustard? It's a non-native, invasive plant that's a huge problem in the eastern and midwest of the U.S. It spreads into high quality woodlands and chokes out the native plants. Trouble with that is wildlife, birds, insects have evolved since beginning of time to live on the native plants, not garlic mustard. When you wipe out the native plants, you do a good job of wiping out the native wildlife. They say garlic mustard is creating "starvation forests" for wildlife in the U.S.

    As for animals like the Burmese pythons from Asia that are taking over the Florida Everglades, I think we have to learn lessons quickly from situations like that. It seems like prevention is the key. Like banning imports and private ownership of invasive animals before we have more situations like the python. Was that the type of invasive species u had in mind?

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