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I have been a veghead since 1995 and will never go back. I have written a few songs mentioning how great it is and all of my stories and screenplays have some mention of it.

The latest and the one that is going to be lensed this fall, budget hoping, is called Paint and it does more than mentions it, but I do not put it in anyone's face.

Is anyone interested in reading how I did it, and maybe let me know if it is not too opinionated or too soft?

- gerald [it is not posted anywhere, just a link to the site that has more info on the story]


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    Posted by davenport4 at 07/14/09 12:46:41

    It does more than mention it, but just wondering if I over did it or not. You know, making people feel uncomfortable about the topic.

    I personally don't care if I do, but I want it entertaining and informative enough that people will watch it and think about it instead of turning their nose up at the idea or thinking we are weird for not eating animals.

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    Posted by davenport4 at 07/14/09 12:55:23

    Did I mention that the story mentions HAPPYCOW?

    Well, I guess I didn't mention it, but the story does mention HappyCow, in fact, we will be seeing it on screen on a computer as the guys look up a restaurant to go to.

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    Posted by eric at 07/15/09 09:43:40

    Sounds cool, but how does paint ball tie into vegetarianism?

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    Posted by JillianaXJawbreaker at 07/26/09 13:43:15

    This sounds awesome!
    You're actually going to be going through with it?
    I would absolutely love to see it!

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    Posted by davenport4 at 07/27/09 06:46:32


    Some of the characters in the story are Vegetarian; it is a plot b, if you will, and bottom line: my way of spreading the word, informing people, and saying my peace on my SOAP box, but in a "Not in your face" way.

    Subliminal in a way, but also more of the informative educational side.

    Like I mentioned before, It's my soap box and I can say and show what I want. And I choose to share my views and lifestyle in a few of the characters.

    -- -- -- -- -- -- --

    YES!! Why not? It's a great story. Great action. REAL life, fun, and good for the whole family.

    I still wonder why they spend money on crap like Funny people, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Monster In Law, Mall Cop, and so forth.

    Where is the quality, the moral values, the fabric that which we as a nation, a society, and a parent hold dear?

    Oh. We sold it for hollow entertainment. Disgusting innuendos, cheap laughs, and (I cannot continue it makes me so mad)

    I am trying to bring back some of our dignity. If people enjoy it and want to see more, then maybe society and the world is worth saving. Maybe.


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    Posted by davenport4 at 11/10/13 15:31:24

    We have made a few more movies since #PAINT

    Our latest is #PetiteChardonnay by #AriaPictures and #Breckport

    Although some of our productions may not mention or lean on vegetarian or Veganism the food and snacks eaten by the cast & crew ARE!!!

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