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The ICE CREAM PROJECT, coming soon to Kendall Square, Cambridge, will be the first vegan ice cream shoppe in the country to offer over 25 vegan flavors of ice cream and other vegan desserts. We also will have a to-go menu for your doggie with over 30 flavors for your pup to choose from. Our delicious treats are available NOW to order online. For menu and ordering information, contact us at


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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 08/21/07 21:56:51

    Lovely news! - list it quickly on HappyCow please - then I recommend that you become a "Friend of the Cows" - - a very, very good use of US$69 - ask "May Kaidee" in Bangkok - her listings brings new customers to her superb restaurants all year round. I wish you all success & hope that one day you will open a branch in Ho Chi Minh City! Here the only vegan ice cream available is "home made" on my balcony kitchen. Send regular vegan articles / recipes to HappyCow also - Eric will include links back to you!

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    Posted by almondeyes at 09/03/07 09:25:48

    Opening a vegan icecream place is wonderful. I have never heard of any others, but I wish someone would get off their duff and open one near me. Opening a vegan icecream place (or any food place) that allows dogs to come in would be a turn off for me. I wouldn't patron the place because animals don't belong anywhere near my food. Gross

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 12/16/08 17:36:19

    Did the Cambridge location ever open?

    I found the location in Boston, MA -

    Wheeler's Frozen Desserts
    334B Massachusetts Avenue
    Boston Massachusetts 02115
    P 617-247-0048

    (on the corner of huntington and mass ave)
    Boston, MA 02115)


    Phone: 617-247-0047
    Fax: 617-247-0048

    Now a full vegan cafe!

    Ice cream shop adds cafe
    By Donna Goodison

    First 2 para's -

    Wheeler Del Torro is expanding his vegan ice cream shop into a full-service cafe serving vegan sandwiches, salads, soups, baked goods and teas.

    The 30-seat Wheeler's Cafe & Ice Cream Bar, at 334 Massachusetts Ave. in Boston, will celebrate its grand-opening Dec. 15.

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