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Hi. My name is Dom. A lifelong meat eater and a hater fruits and veggies. After seeing all the harm and destruction to the environment all the meat eating and producing does, I want to do my part for our environment and give up meat. I guess how do I go about it?

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    Posted by Ricardo at 06/18/16 08:51:38

    Hello Dom,
    Good choice! :)
    In my opinion, you should start giving up on meat (and fish) slowly, so that you and your body can get used to it.
    In the process, you can also get more information regarding places you will be able to eat; and what to pay attention to (eating balanced meals, etc.).
    For the same reasons you're giving up on meat, it would be better if you could also give up on dairy and eggs (that is, become vegan); however, if it looks too difficult, you could do it as a next step.
    In any case, as long as you have it clear why you shouldn't eat (or exploit, if that's the case) animals, I think your transition (and later, staying as veg*n) will be successful.
    Good luck!

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    Posted by Butch at 06/18/16 17:59:14

    Hi Dom,

    It can be easier to become vegetarian if you first find 5 or 6 vegetarian dishes that you really enjoy. These dishes may be meatless versions of dishes that you already enjoy (like spaghetti, burritos, or soup). These dishes can be made meatless by substituting crumbled meatless patties or canned vegetarian chili in place of meat. Delicious cereals, like oatmeal, can be eaten at any meal (not just breakfast). Once these 5 or 6 vegetarian dishes become part of your eating, it will be much easier to cut meat out of your diet.

    "Mercy For Animals" has a very well-written Vegetarian Starter Guide (you can find it easily on Google). On page 13, it does a great job of summarizing vegetarian nutrition. It also has easy meal ideas.

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    Posted by georgiab at 06/19/16 04:36:18

    Hey Dom,
    Life changing decision! and one of the best you will make. i second the advice of the two above. i think the best thing is just to take it all slowly and don't beat your self up too much if you make mistakes. it is all a learning process. as long as you are on the plant based path path moving forwards you will get there in the end.

    maybe write down your reasons for going plant based to give you inspiration.
    think about vege dishes you might already like or be happy to eat
    get rid of those things from your fridge you don't want to eat
    grab your self a veggie cookbook and see what appeals
    reach out to any veg friends you might have

    good luck... you can do this but it will take a bit of commitment

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    Posted by ChiaChild at 08/14/16 10:02:04

    Hi Dom

    Another great starter kit is available from animals Australia. They have a book that is free and it contains a wealth of dietary information for vegetarian/vegans. Includes recipes, a vego menu for 3 meals a day for a week to help you get started. Also looks at the nutrition vego pyramid how to eat healthily and in a balanced way. It was a massive help for me. Also I found going to places like "loving hut" to eat vegan great when I was having a challenging day as it helped keep me on track! You can buy some vegan goodies there to try to see which ones are your faves! Have fun exploring new possibilities! Good Luck!

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/27/16 06:38:36

    Hi Dom,

    Just stop chewing meat.

    At first drink broth if you must.

    Increase your dairy intake. Ricardo is correct, go slow.

    The first step is to stop chewing meat and eating meat entirely. Have broth 2ce a day and then go to once a day, then every other day until it is only once a month and then be free of meat forever.

    Dairy also can be slowly reduced. Start with eggs, lowering your intake weekly.

    Once eggs are gone then work on ridding your diet of milk.

    All the way there are restaurants, religions, support groups, music groups etc. that eat as you will each transitional step along the way. Enjoy ova-lactic culture and later lactarian culture, you will learn a lot. Learn how to cook on Youtube or take a cooking class.

    It is like taking someone to run a marathon that has never exercised before. You have to train your metabolism. You will be very happy once you do.

    Read all labels for anything you consume. Look up the things you do not understand on the computer before eating anything. Getting meat out of your diet means no Worcestershire Sauce, for example, which is made from sardines that are liquefied. No eggs means egg free pasta etc.

    It is all about education. There are plenty resources to learn from, and you will find doctors, dieticians, gurus, chefs, food activists and friends who will help,

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