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Hi everyone, I just joined here tonight, looks very interesting.Am just starting to go vegan, so have a lot to learn. I am 64 yrs old, better late than never! I live in Cambridge in beautiful New Zealand. Looking forward to learning as much as I can on here.

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    Posted by SiYama at 08/18/16 13:29:35

    Hi! I joined HappyCow today. There are 10 months that I'm vegan, 32 years old, living in San Paulo, Brazil. Good luck to us!

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    Posted by ChiaChild at 08/19/16 04:26:27

    Good luck! Went vegan earlier this week so fingers crossed! SiYama how is your vegan journey going? Any tips?

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/23/16 04:36:20

    Welcome to the endless cornucopia of vegan delights! I have been vegan for 16 years and without meat for 18 years. I only have one small bit of advice:

    Vegans need an Organic Plant Based Vegan Vitamin D3 supplement. One can find this online. Also vegans need Vitamin B supplements especially B6 and B12 which can be derived from Organic Nutritional Yeast or Synthetic Organic Sublingual Drops also found online. Then make sure you eat many colors of food. The different colors represent differing minerals and vitamins and you need them all daily.

    Beyond this, learn Western Medical Herbalogy over time by seeing herbalists, reading books and going to lectures or researching online with the web and YouTube to help supplement your diet, but this is not necessary. See acupuncturists and masseurs when you have aches because this too is vegan. Most dentistry and western medicine including surgery is vegan these days but always check for vegan alternatives when they are available with your doctor.

    Also try to use vegan soap, toothpaste, shampoo, detergent, cleaners and other household items. Shop only for vegan clothes, shoes and furniture.

    Once free of angry animal Karma, meditation, Tai Chi, yoga and Eastern Philosophy become very sweet additions to life

    Beyond this, enjoy the best decision of your lives! It only gets better and better!

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    Posted by Eliisa at 08/28/16 10:59:06

    Amazing decision ! I'm new on this website too, I've been vegan for six months now, and looking for some support, and I just think it's great to have people with whom you can share about your philosophy :) So happy I found this place. I will be glad to answer your questions as well, if there's any way I can help you :)

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    Posted by SiYama at 08/30/16 18:54:19

    Hi ChiaChild!
    For me it's going well, just taking b12 suplement.
    I did blood tests this year , a few months after I became vegan and everything was fine. I'll keep checking.

    I think one important tip is to get regular checkups and can be accompanied by a nutritionist and most importantly, stay calm with people !

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    Posted by yourvegankitchen at 09/12/16 23:28:09

    Hi Guys,

    I agree that the B12 supplements is super essential.

    Heard about it for the first time on the Rich Roll Podcast. I believe he was doing a product push but looked into it nonetheless and found it to be essential for overall energy and wellness.


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