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Little bit of background, I'm a dairy free vegetarian and I have a five month old son. When he's 6 months we'll be introducing solids and I plan to keep him on my diet.

We went to his checkup, and he's doing great! We have the same doctor, and I loved her. She was amazing through delivery of my son, so supportive. So she said we can start to introduce solids slowly at 6 months. Fruits, veggies, grains, ....meats, then whole milk at 1. I told her I wouldn't be feeding him meat or dairy, and I would let him breastfeed as long as he wants even if he goes past 1. She looked very confused and said "I understand why you'd make that choice, but why would you make it for him." .... he's my son. It makes sense for us to have the same diet. As his mother it's my job to provide him with the best of everything that I possibly can, and that includes diet. I felt so uncomfortable that she was talking down to me as if I want my son to be deficient, we've had a great relationship up until this point. She said that I have to wait until he's 2 years old. She said before he's 2 years old, I can't provide this diet for him without it significantly damaging his health.

Any advice, opinions, resources appreciated, thank you.

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    Posted by RyanM at 03/23/17 18:28:40

    Doctors know nothing about nutrition. It it perfectly fine and actually much more healthy to feed you child a Vegan diet.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/24/17 15:23:31

    Google "vegan babies" and you will find much info.

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    Posted by VeganRainbow at 03/26/17 21:26:18

    Hey. I saw your post and can sympathize so I thought I'd give some feedback. I have a seven year old girl and was with her until she was a little over two years old, at which time her mother and I separated and decided to take her off of the vegetarian diet we both decided on. This was out of spite as she told me that she wanted to raise her without me, but that's beside the point.

    Our daughter never had any health problems, and the subject of raising a baby on a vegetarian diet is something I researched thoroughly. After seeing your post and the responses to it I was inspired to research raising a vegan baby, as I have recently converted and want to gain as much knowledge on the subject as possible.

    I agree completely with the others who responded to you. From what I've read so far it seems as though the vegan lifestyle is embraced by relatively far more people in other countries, which is not surprising to me. As we all know, or should by now, vegetarians/vegans are grossly outnumbered in America. But that's changing every day. However, there is a lot of great information and scientific proof supporting the benefits of these lifestyles.

    Good luck with finding helpful information on the subject, which will definitely happen if you're diligent. Just be sure to check multiple sources on any given subject, as there is a lot of questionable (and downright false) info out there. Congratulations on deciding to raise your baby this way.

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    Posted by h6w at 03/29/17 01:40:09

    I was raised as a vegan baby and have never knowingly eaten or used animal products my entire life. My parents have also been vegan since before I was born and raised my little sister vegan also. There's no reason to be concerned about raising a child vegan. It's a complete nutritional diet just as many others like me have demonstrated.

    As a mother, you'll have many choices about how to raise your child that will affect them for the rest of their life. Raising a child vegan means that they start their life with less guilt and dilemmas and more joy, compassion, and appreciation of life. I am glad that my parents made that decision for me. All my life people have kept saying "You're so lucky that you were raised vegan." A vegan child can stop being vegan if they choose, but a non-vegan child can't undo the harm that has been caused as they were raised.

    Go you!


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