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Hello. My name is Gavin Lake. I am a Writer, a Musician and an Artist. At 24 I was living a life of drugs, lies and pain. One morning after a night of heavy drug consumption I felt my soul forced from my body down wards towards the earth. I heard torments from a being other than myself cursing me for every lie I ever told and every need I had ever deprived. I wasnt evil, I wasnt bad but I had made a lot of mistakes and for these I repented with all that was left of me. I then felt my soul return to my body and felt the Love of God Inside me. I had been forgiven. I Thanked God and over the following few days I had deep truths bestowed on me. I learned to love we must speak only the truth to eachother and that all pain was the result of lies. That Love is our only need and that we cannot own what is around us. I learned that we cannot punish people for hurting us and that pain does not stop pain. I learned that all life is one and we must love it and never deprive any of its needs. That means no eating or using animals, No law, No money and no power to be given over any being. This is Love. This is our need. I am here to meet other people who are loving to talk about truths they have found and discuss them in detail and then put in place a plan to bring about a painless world that free from lies, force, control and deprived needs. Thankyou for reading. All my Love Gavin.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 11/23/11 22:43:41

    Hi Gavin,
    Welcome to Happycow! Thank you for sharing your story. The happycow community is full of kind souls so you've come to the right place.

    I've found so many 'truths' in life I wouldn't know where to start, but one of them is trying to go through life and cause the smallest amount of suffering possible to others (other people, the environment, animals ...every creature big or small is a concern to me down to the smallest bug). I don't think it's possible to go through life without causing some suffering. For example, just driving to the grocery store I will inevitably smash a bug on my windshield and pollute the atmosphere. Even if I rode my bike I will invariably run over an ant or two. Even buying organic, vegan food there will probably be some poor field mouse who gets caught up in the harvesting equipment used to process the grain, etc for my dish. Suffering is a part of life. Death is a part of life. My goal is to cause the least amount of suffering possible. That's why I've become vegan. It's been a long journey and it's been difficult at times (giving up dairy was the hardest for me). It's amazing though how the universe rewards you for it. In this case, with better health. I can't believe how incredibly healthy and great I feel since going vegan. Anyway, you can see how good I am at rambling on once I get started.
    All the best,

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 11/27/11 15:02:06

    Good for you, Gavin!

    'Walk in the ways of love and compassion, let all creatures live in happiness and in peace.'

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