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This is more of a question and an answer…?

Im still dealing with everyone I know, with them worrying about me not getting enough nutrients that they think is in meat and other bad foods. No matter how much I tell them otherwise, they still bother me and are rude and sometimes almost mean.

I know that this problem will never go away, but Id like it to go down a lil! I want to be a peaceful happy loving vegan and not be rude or get mad at other ppl when they ask or confront me about veganism and ask that same old stupid question, "where do you get your protein and calcium?" ugh!

So Im wondering how you guys deal with this issue in your lives and how long have y'all been vegan or vegetarian?

PS Ive only been vegan for a year...

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    Posted by Marc75 at 01/31/16 09:18:51

    Sometimes people just want to talk,usually i answer and change the subject.

    If this person continues and i see is really interest about vegan or vegetarian i show some youtube videos like Erin Janus.

    Be patient because i had the same questions before become vegetarian. :)

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    Posted by Vegan Stickers at 01/31/16 14:52:10

    I usually tell them to do some research on net, if they are seriously worry so much about me :) Or if i have spare time i show them some info on net.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/01/16 04:24:42


    I wish I had a buck for every time I've been asked the "protein" and "calcium" questions since 1975!

    I get tired sometimes of responding too, but I see each incident as an opportunity to educate others. It's better that they're asking questions than just ignoring or insulting you...

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    Posted by ReneeNButtercup at 02/01/16 11:57:58

    It's funny I think the best way to get people not to ask all these prodding questions is to not bring up your dietary choices.

    Occasionally it does come up of course, for example at the office I recently offered to share my creamer they said something about it being coconut creamer my response was pretty much - I don't drink milk. Conversation over nobody questioned me and I didn't expand. Had I answered oh I am vegan and don't... that would have opened up the conversation, it puts people on the defensive about their own choices, and that they need to justify their choices by knocking yours down.

    I just keep it short and simple.

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/03/16 04:54:19

    People will always talk. Just be yourself, and if they ask just answer polite, if they start to be annoying then avoid that kind of people.

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    Posted by LethalKitten at 02/13/16 03:26:54

    Yeah- I've been vegan for 2 weeks and I've already had my mum going on about how shouldn't have to take supplements and if we didn't kill cows we would be over-run by them. All that stuff.

    If people ask you about it for a challenge then just don't talk about it with them. If people are genuinely interested then answer with short and answers and point them to some resources where they can find more. (Like the vegan society etc).

    Just remember you don't owe anyone an explanation about what you eat or why you eat it.

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    Posted by mirandaearthchild at 02/13/16 12:32:58

    thanks you guys. I will take all ya'lls advice! ^_^ It helps me with dealing with this issue by talking with other vegans/vegetarians. Because I have no real friends let alone know anyone in person who's vegan or vegetarian! ='[

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/14/16 05:18:15

    Does your town have any natural food stores? They are a good place to meet veggies and vegans, - they often have a bulletin board advising people of local vegetarian groups, et. Another is vegetarian restaurants, and yet another is alternative media outlets.

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    Posted by Michelle Rose at 02/14/16 11:40:05

    Hello Miranda,
    I agree with La diavolo. When I say that I do not eat meat some people think I am crazy ( not all) . But it does not matter.
    I explain to the listener or else I give up.

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    Posted by WhatDoYouEatThen at 12/31/16 10:37:19

    Great question

    one reason most go veg is to be part of the change in the world, so own it.. and when they lay into give it right back

    if they are nice about it, I am nice back

    when they get nasty, well.. we are on the correct side of this issue, so i let them know more than they wanted to know about their meal, all they can fall back on is ignoring where their food comes from.. but now they know, and they usually dont bug me about it anymore

    until its not 'normal' to eat dead stuff, we will all be tasked with informing those who don't care, but judge our choice

    Im almost 30 years veg, and I dont bring it up, but when they do, I "inform them" and they usually end up learning more than they wanted to know about what they are eating at the time

    Keep learning and having conversations

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    Posted by dimamuzhetsky at 01/01/17 14:44:04

    There is ever the point of other ppl "knowing" & "thinking" this & that.You should understand that noone will do smthng unless you yourself.Got very very scientific proof.In case its not enough divert them all off because "i want to".This 1 thing which is ever enough.

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    Posted by happah10 at 01/04/17 21:56:03

    The quickest and easiest way to shut them up is just to tell them you have a food allergy.

    There's so much psychology and emotion behind the decision to eat meat/dairy/eggs and I think when confronted with facts on it, people feel WEAK. They feel that they CAN'T.
    So they take that out on you because you figured out a way to make it work.

    If you're not in the mood to deal with them, just say "I can't due to allergies." Sometimes I like to embellish it and tell them I could go into anaphylactic shock drop dead. That works wonders.

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    Posted by Veganartistbjt at 03/10/17 23:32:15

    Here is a fantastic video of things you can say to non vegans

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/11/17 04:24:57

    When people say things like this to you, they are giving you an opportunity to educate them.

    Their cry for help is tainted because their minds have been poisoned by growth hormones, livestock antibiotics, and the tortured and executed angry animal Karma that envelopes them.

    It is for you to spend time with them and explain that nutritional studies show broccoli has more protein than beef per calorie. Too much calcium causes osteoporosis and that kale and other vegetables offer plenty of calcium.

    It is difficult for meat eaters to understand just as it is difficult for an alcoholic to understand sobriety.

    So plant seeds, be strong and stay true to your vegan diet.

    PS. All vegans must take a plant based vegan D3 pill daily and nutritional yeast and or synthetic sublingual B12 daily. These are the only necessary dietary supplements.

    Vegans must also eat starch at every meal to prevent diarrhea. Also, vegans must eat fruit and vegetables of multiple colors, each color represents different minerals and vitamins.

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