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I prefer herbal remedies in general, and to be truly vegan one must also use only vegan medicines. It is easy to get vegan dentistry, medicines and surgery these days with the abundance of synthetic medicines. Herbal medicines are mostly free from all animal abuse although some experimentation on animals may have existed unnecessarily in some countries or in history.

Perhaps most of the pharmaceutical medicines do have a history of vivisection and animal experiments associated with them, and that is truly wrongful, but when facing serious pain from a surgery or needing an antibiotic, life and death or extreme discomfort can be on the line.

For vegan pharmaceuticals simply go to a qualified 'Compounding Pharmacy.'

At these pharmacies the pills are made for the patient. They make pills for vegans, people who want no salt, no sugar, nor dyes etc. They can meet your specific needs. I needed some Ibuprofen after dental surgery and had some vegan pills made for me. It costs more than over the counter medicine, but Advil uses crushed bugs for the red color of the pills and bees wax to make the pills shine although the active ingredients are vegan.

In my case I had to use both vegan pharmaceuticals and herbal medicine to overcome the pain. There can be contraindications for mixing herbs with pharmaceuticals so always work with your doctor, with the pharmacist and with a state licensed herbal doctor for the best results.

Compounding Pharmacies will only make you pills with a prescription even if it is over the counter medicine made vegan.

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    Posted by Stevie's at 10/10/17 01:23:03

    Thank you for your post I learned a lot. I will get my medicines vegan from a compounding pharmacy from now on.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/10/17 21:13:03

    Thank you for starting the topic on vegan dentistry.

    I have no idea what to do, I try to get to the dentist however there is a lot of paperwork to get there; this hinders me consciously from going and I unconsciously use this to hinder me from going to the dentist. This means it is a block in my ability to get a job; I would have money and quite easily be able to go to the dentist.

    I think I am extremist on this point, however I refuse to be forced something in that is the product of animal experimentation and most likely the products that would be used would contain dairy.
    There are however levels of wrongness and its a lot less worse than for example psychiatric medication, which is what I am mainly afraid of ending up accepting as a result of "getting used to" (much like a gateway drug or "it gets easier after the first kill" or how one slips little by little into a habit of not cleaning etc.).

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/10/17 21:27:45

    Ever pondered how most of the air you breathe are the product of trees from which the soil has been fertilized by countless bodies? Even if not by human hands, humans were also domesticated.

    Ever pondered how the bikes you ride, the trains you take, the language you speak, the text you read, the hormones you read communication through all are a product of animal ingestion - the people that made this were eating flesh, drinking milk and eating eggs in the production process.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 05:55:25


    Veganism is a principle of least harm. Rational veganism is rooted in the rejection of UNNATURAL PRACTICE of factory farming, animal testing, and treating animals as objects instead of companions or helpers to be watched as a "good shepherd." Veganism is the rejection of the conscious violent objectification of factory farmed animals, their "byproducts," the vicious unnecessary evil of animal testing and torture.

    Veganism isn't a rejection of the reality of the cycle of life and death, rather, it's taking responsibility for an out of control culture that abuses animals as a matter of course, making it a norm rather than the exception.

    Lions don't have the ability to perform agriculture, nor do they have the ability to digest grains in the same manner as humans. We have a choice, and the choices to NOT be vegan, or at least vegetarian, is the decision to take part in a brutal cruelty that is neither natural, necessary nor even helpful to human or holistic ecological health.

    It's the religion of Jainism that proposes that you kill nothing, never, and if you do, you do it without conscious knowledge. Jains ask for forgiveness for even crushing insects. You seem to have confused Jainism with rational veganism. There are many reasons to be vegan, and it's not about removing yourself from the cycle of life and death, it's taking responsibility for the fact that humans are literally destroying the earth, and one of the primary ways they are doing this is through animal agriculture.

    I despise people driving to the grocery store in their car, buying dyed flesh laced with arsenic in a plastic and styrofoam package asserting that their lifestyle is somehow the more rational choice or the "circle of life."

    How about you hand me your cell phone, your car keys, and I'll hand you this bow and this spear, and you go live in the forest. Any animal you can legitimately catch and kill with your bare hands are all yours.

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    Posted by KathrynBulver at 11/24/17 04:01:00

    Please correct the spelling to PRESCRIPTIONS! ;-)

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