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There are a number of restaurants in my area that are so close to being good, if they would only offer more vegan options (soy milk, soy sausage, Daiya cheese, etc). Have you ever approached a restaurant and asked for more vegan menu items? How did u do it? What do you say? How were you received? Any tips are greatly appreciated.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 08/16/11 16:55:55

    It is a tricky proposition. First, you can always ask for a place to carry Daiya or tofu if they are close enough to your needs. The worst someone can say is 'no'. More likely, better to ask if they ever considered it because you know a lot of people that would eat there if they did. But if it is not their own idea, then are they likely to take it seriously, that is to say not cook it next to the bacon or use a poultry cutting board to cut your veg. If they are motivated morally then inherently they can change and do so in clean ways. But if it is by request, they may not make the total effort to change not only the menu, but the behavior of the kitchen, which is by far more important.

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    Posted by Chuck at 08/16/11 22:02:11

    I typically just ask if they carry vegan options, even if I know the answer is no. Good businesses are typically very fast to respond to consumer demand when doing so becomes financially viable.

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    Posted by Yahcna at 08/23/11 09:14:34

    If a restaurant is not Vegan friendly, I won't be eating there anyway, but when I was making my transition from part time carnivore, to Vegetarian, to Vegan, I would suggest that the restaurant add Vegan friendly items to the menu (If I was a regular at the establishment.)

    I would dine at restaurants that were all into organic food, cage free eggs, and eco-friendly awareness, that you would think would be more sympathetic to Veggie-friendly request, whom would not budge to vegans after many request. If the restaurants didn't oblige to vegan request after having years of my business, they simply lost my patronage, simple as that. What else could I do? compromise my diet?

    Not to make this too long, but strict vegans have to be careful of omnivore restaurants because there are so many hidden animal products in restaurant food that doesn't specifically cater to Veggie people, even cross-contamination, and animal bone-char laden sweeteners.

    Honestly, the best thing to do is stick to Veggie friendly spots or learn to make your fav recipes from those restaurants at home and hope your favorite spots one day come around. (shrug..)

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