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I have been vegan for about 3 months now. I have an omni husband and 12yr old son. I have not bought or cooked meat for them since going vegan. I have purchased some things for them per their request such as frozen pizza and some cheese and eggs. I am in charge of grocery shopping and this has been very difficult for me to do. They have been pretty good about eating the vegan meals I prepare but my son is begging me for meat, mainly chicken. buying the pizza and cheese is already killing me. I have tried Daiya and other vegan cheeses and mock meat and they don't like them :( I guess I can't expect them to change overnight like I did. I have made significant changes in our home and should be happy about that but buying these few omni items is really really hard. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Posted by veganboy13 at 10/23/14 18:52:52

    Show your son what happens to the meat and animals before its packaged ..... It's netflix docs and YouTube videos on this.....educate him on what's in the meats aka super bugs and worms,parasites etc all filth that rots in the human body for days sometimes weeks!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/24/14 07:44:54

    I'd also show him what happens to cows and their calves in the dairy industry.

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    Posted by wedigfood at 11/09/14 10:10:47

    I agree with veganboy13 and ahimsa32fa, show them the real truth behind the dairy and meat industry. Also, I would explain to your husband the health benefits of going vegan, don't think your son would be too worried about that.

    Hopefully this will help, here is a link to the blogs on my site. If either of them take the time to read them it would help you enormously.

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