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Hi fellow vegans, I really, REALLY need your help and sorry but this post is gonna be a long one.

I've been vegan for 4 months now (transitioned from vegetarian which I've been for five years) and ever since the transition I felt amazing - no more headaches, I had more energy etc. However, a month ago I got a job which completely destroyed my diet and all that energy is gone and my headaches are back. So here's what's happening:

I work 6h/day, 6 days a week (Morning shift: 6am-12pm, afternoon: 12pm-6pm, night: 12am-6am -- shifts last for a week), since it's 'only' six hours of work, we get no breaks and this is where my problems start. No matter which shift it is, I lose 2 meals of the day (usually I'd eat 4 small meals throughout the day, now I only eat two bigger ones). Not only am I bloated, I also feel weak, tired and I feel like my whole immune system is collapsing.

I try to get 6-8h of sleep a day. Every morning I drink lemonade with ginger, eat a bowl of oatmeal with almond milk and eat a fruit salad with a bunch of grains (I can tell you the recipe if you are interested). This meal has become kind of a habit ever since I went vegan and like I said I eat it every time I wake up. The second and last meal of the day is usually filled with vegetables/greens (mostly cooked (for some reason my stomach can't stand fried food or oil in general)) which I eat a few hours before sleep (bye-bye my habit of not eating 4 hours before sleep),

And that's it. I feel horrible, I don't get nearly enough fluid in my system (I used to drink 10 glasses/day, now I'm lucky if I can drink two (I can't drink anything 'cause I'm so bloated). Also, I work in a warehouse so I either walk or stand for 6h straight. With all that in consideration I've lost 8.8 lbs (4 kg) in less than three weeks and even though I don't mind the weight loss, this is far from a healthy way of doing it. Not to mention I used to work out on regular basis, but now I have no energy to even think about it.

So how do I fix this? I just want my healthy lifestyle back. I really hope some of you have experience that could help me and the others with similar problems. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Posted by herwin at 01/13/17 11:35:10

    i humbly present you two options:
    1. change your job. you are not a slave.
    2. bring lunchbox and drinks with you and secretely eat it in the toilet.

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    Posted by Carisa at 01/13/17 15:28:59

    I write long stuff as well haha...youre a pretty vegan... I wonder what your job is and if it's active and if u get enough rest since u work a lot.

    I go to bed early, wake early ..I also swim, run early mornings and I do aerobics's really fun and strengthening for your body as long as you eat protein .. and there's water in quite a lot of veg and fruit...I know u work long hours but there's a chance u can fit some workouts in. I have an aerobics teacher at school who is transitioning to veganism. Perhaps you could have a bigger breakfast like avocado on toast. Avocado has protein and is energising. Oatmeal is protein too so I guess that's a good choice of breakfast I mean it's up to you, I'm just saying it from personal experience.

    And more filling stuff like smoothies if you have a blender. You can mix up lot of ingredients and get tonnes of nutrients into your body that way based on what’s in your refrigerator, a common smoothie generally contains stuff Iike 2 or 3 cups of spinach (for iron)..frozen pineapple, almond/rice milk, berries, carrots, apples, hemp seeds, scoop of vanilla protein powder, water, you can even put in oats and stuff like nuts. I like eating unsalted peanuts as well like snacks.. they're full of protein.

    A warm breakfast might make you feel more energised and less hungry. But it will last the whole day and u can burn it off. You can make hot wraps maybe with scrambled tofu mushrooms and peppers. And get a lot of protein..I mean I know I'm quite inexperienced myself as I haven't quite transitioned to full veganism as I am not I depend enough to be able to do that yet as my parents are an influence..

    but I always feel full of energy even though I skip meals often. I also get sleep where I can so I'll nap on the bus lol. And music is energising aha to make you feel better. Hope this is slightly helpful and I congratulate you for making the transition to veganism and hope that everything turns alright for you.

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    Posted by KiraKov at 01/13/17 19:33:23

    Thank you both for responding!

    The job itself isn't bad, it's a good exercise so I have no reason to quit, but I'll probably have to start bringing some snacks and hope I don't get caught.

    Carisa, thank you so much. I tried so many variations of smoothies, but never really found one I really liked. I LOVE berries (especially blueberries), but it's impossible to get them in my country this time of year. Really like the sound of those wraps, might try them out. Like I said, sleep is good, job very physical. Only problem I have, really, is spacing the meals throughout the day since I can barely find the time. Oh and music always makes me feel better, best thing in the world. :)

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    Posted by Carisa at 01/14/17 07:31:52

    I know a few people who eat one meal a day! Because it makes them feel less hungry by eating less amounts of time throughout the day but they can have protein/fruit snacks where they can..But I guess it's about getting used to it and I realise that it may of course be difficult for you because you get tired easier.

    Maybe you should eat in the toilet where you can..
    Just make sure you do have a big hot meal where possible.. Soups can be good for getting fluids in :) It's not so much the amount of food and when u eat, it's just about getting the right nutrients in then burning it off. Its good to feel full! Eat whenever you can. At least vegans don't have to eat grass to be healthy. Stay strong keep up the good work. Happy cow believes in you :)

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    Posted by Carisa at 01/14/17 07:42:25

    Just a note-it's good to eat/ drink warm & hot stuff...because sometimes when you eat cold foods your body puts all its energy into warming you up! ;)

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