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This stuff is amazing. Can't recommend it enough for livening up loads of different meals. Will post some recipes shortly.Please add recipes if you have any using this.

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    Posted by auungbong at 06/06/08 11:28:24


    Harissa from the Armenian dish? or the North African sauce?


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    Posted by piscesilver at 06/06/08 16:08:02

    There seems to be some confusion with the word and meaning of "Harissa."
    Harissa is an Armenian dish, but it is NOT vegetarian. (its made with a type of 'wheat sauce' and shredded chicken or turkey meat...but, you can make it vegetarian with no problem)
    Its cooked in a huge pot using a large wooden spoon.
    I just know all this from being Armenian, if anyone has more information, like maybe the same word is used in other nations to describe something different, let us know.


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    Posted by auungbong at 06/06/08 17:59:33

    I as well am Armenian so I was a bit confused when you put up that post in the vegetarian discussion.Do you speak Armenian as well?

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    Posted by louis at 06/07/08 15:45:48

    Hithe harissa I was referring to is this, description from Wikipedia:'Harissa is a North African hot red sauce or paste made from chili peppers (often smoked or dried) and garlic, often with coriander and caraway or cumin and served with olive oil. It may also contain tomatoes. It somewhat resembles sambal and chili sauce. One well-known and expensive variety, "rose harissa," also includes rose petals.Harissa is used both as a condiment and as an ingredient in recipes. It has been described as an important item in Tunisian cuisine[1]. Harissa is also used in a few recipes of other North African cuisines, namely Morocco, Algeria and Libya [2], though it is often treated as a condiment to be served on the side. In France, couscous is generally served with Harissa sauce.'from BBC food website:'Harissa is a fiery condiment from the Middle East. Combining red chillies, peppers and spices this is not for the faint-hearted, but it provides a real boost as an accompaniment to vegetables and pulses. Try serving a bowl of hummus with a teaspoon of harissa placed in the centre, a deep red decoration waiting to catch the mouths of the unwary.'

    Harissa recipe:

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    Posted by Tom at 07/24/08 09:21:45

    My co-worker had a veg potluck a while back and his wife made the African Harissa which consisted of 3 bowls of various items that all get scooped together if I remember correctly, it was absolutely delicious !!

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