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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Tofurkey Day to all Happy Cow Community members. I am thankful to be a vegan and vegetarian for many years. I am thankful for all who share ideas, thoughts, feelings, and wisdom on this forum. I read everyone's posts and share and comment when I feel I can contribute to the conversation in a positive vegan and sustainable earth and metaphysical minded way.

Thankful for living on this beautiful planet. It's one of a kind in the universe. Look at the stars at night and you will see how special planet Earth really is. Wish you all the most abundant blessings on this wonderful day. Spread the love and joy. We are all one in spirit.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 11/23/17 03:06:41

    Thank you for making such a nice post! Happy Tofurky Day!

    I am thankful I am vegan and for all other vegans and vegetarians. I am thankful that there are sites like Happy Cow to help us find vegan and vegetarian restaurants and businesses, as well as sharing ideas with each other, and providing information to people who are curious or new to veg life.

    Everyone have a wonderful day, whether you're the lone vegan bringing your own food to a traditional family Thanksgiving full of meat-eaters, celebrating vegetarian "friendsgiving" or making a vegan feast for your own family, or are cooking for one and thinking about how the delicious left-overs will be yours, all yours!

Keep HappyCow Growing Strong!

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