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The following is a straight copy of an email doing the rounds in various UK vegetarian email groups.


Just to warn you all that G&B is removing the vegan labelling from
its products after making someone rather ill because of dairy
contamination in its vegan choc.

I was horrified to see that they do not clean the lines after a dairy
choc is made but flush it with dark chocolate instead.
I would have thought they would have invested in separate equipment
for their vegan lines.

Quite a few people have told me that since it was bought out by
Cadbory a few years back Green & Blacks production quality has really
dropped and that things have become "sloppy"

this has resulted in some poor person ending up in a coma as there
was dairy in a vegan bar of chocolate. Im told other similar allergic
problems have also occurred.

The good news is that there are lots of good 100% vegan firms making
much nicer chocolate out there

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 06/02/08 21:10:33

    Even cleaning the line doesn't remove all the allergens. The only sure fire way is an all vegan company. The only really crazy thing is that now that MAD COW disease has been found in milk, the prions, what kind of risk are you really taking?

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    Posted by Katylynn2000 at 06/05/08 09:07:02

    Are you freaking kidding me?? I have one in my hands as we speak.


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    Posted by emama at 06/18/08 15:58:46

    oh geez! even when you tryto eat right you can go wrong, ugh! what the heck is up

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    Posted by DC Vegan at 06/22/08 12:24:54

    Oh, man, that really blows, as I LOVE Green & Blacks. Guess I'll have to find something else. There aren't that many all-vegan lines of chocolate.

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    Posted by louis at 05/26/09 15:03:33

    I just bought some Green and Blacks Dark Chocolate with Cherry. Their recipe states whole milk powder as an ingredient. Checked their website

    and here are some q and as addressing milk issue.

    Q Has the recipe for dark chocolate changed?

    A No, the recipe has remained the same since 1998.

    Q The vegan statement has gone; has the product ever been suitable for vegans?

    A By definition vegan products contain no ingredients derived from animals within the recipe and this still remains true for Green & Black's dark chocolate. However as our dark chocolate is made on the same production line as our milk chocolate there is some risk of cross contact. As a result, the desire for clearer allergen labelling now conflicts with the vegan statement and we have reluctantly decided to remove it from our labelling.

    Q Why can't you make your dark chocolate on a dedicated line?

    A The restrictions for organic segregation and the design of plant we need for our type of chocolate restricts the availability of equipment. We are looking at alternative equipment and hope in the future to reverse this change.

    If this company can't be bothered to have a separate line,
    try other choc makers, like Booja Booja instead

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