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Hi everyone! I'm new here

It was my boyfriend idea to go vegan, and I want to with him as well. I told him I'd help him follow a vegan diet-cook, look up recipes.. he wants to do it for weight loss and staying healthy (that combined with daily exercise). I'd like to follow a vegan/vegetarian diet long term, and I planned to once my boyfriend and I are living together permanently (long distance relationship, currently only visiting for a few months). I was a vegetarian for a short period time years ago and would of stuck to it if it wasnt for my mom :/

Right now we can only do our shopping at wal-mart, I want to limit the amount of processed foods and fake meats, as well as were on a budget. All the meat, cheese and eggs is gone from the house and we tossed the rest. Were going grocery shopping for the month soon and Im making a list. I need some ideas/suggestions. I also plan on buying nutritional yeast flakes, fortified soy milk and cereals to get b-12. Is it still necessary to take a supplement? I need to make meals that will fill up my boyfriend, he has a big appetite, but is cutting down his portions. Im not sure what to do for healthy vegan snacks and lunches he can take to work? For me thats the hardest part. I need ideas for foods I can make/prepare/freeze ahead of time for him to have meals at work, since meat and bread sandwiches are now out of the picture.

I want to avoid junk food(aside from the occaisional treat) and do this right, so the diet will lead to weight loss for my boyfriend, and health benefits for both of us not the opposite. From what I've read...theres nothing better than a well balanced and well planned vegan diet! I'm determined to stick to this, its a bit overwhelming and at first seemed impossible..but the more I read into following a vegan diet the better I feel and the easier it looks. I'm new to cooking, so ideally I need recipes that are not overly complicated or too time consuming, but at the same time nutritious.

Any advice, suggestions, or experience with veganism and weight loss is greatly appreciated! :)

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    Posted by Martial.Epicurus at 02/11/13 06:44:32

    When I switched I was still eating pretty unhealthy for the most part and still losing weight (about 40 pounds). I guess that it shows how much weight meat and dairy can pack on. My mother was initially worried that I was unhealthy as a vegan so I took a round of tests and was only deficient in Vitamin D (as was my mother and a lot of other people). So I take a Vitamin D supplement and B12 just to cover my bases.

    For filling up yourself and your boyfriend, I recommend beans. They're cheap, versatile, and very filling. As for snacks, how about fruits and veggies?

    I switched because I became disgusted so I didn't have much planning time. One day I ate meat and the day after, I didn't. I could cook a few dishes but I wasn't the type to cook regularly (esp veg meals). If you have a game plan that you can stick to, I think you'll be just fine. It's great that you two have each other for support too. When you two meet again, you may not even recognize each other!

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    Posted by CharTalk at 04/22/13 20:26:43

    I'm a recent Vegan too. I bought a good cookbook - 1,000 Vegan Recipes, by Robin Robertson. It has quite a few good recipes that are fairly easy to make.

    The other thing I have done is take some of my old favorites and modify. i.e., I make a West African Ground Nut stew that contained (among other ingredients) peanut butter, sweet potato, Great Northern beans, and corn. It also contained chicken. I simply eliminated the chicken and it was still great.

    I took my favorite chili recipe and substituted Quinoa for the ground beef.

    Finally, when I have something I like in a restaurant I re-create at home. Panera has a tasty Vegetarian sandwich based on hummus and lots of vegetables. At home I eliminated the cheese, put a little sesame oil on the hummus and top with cucumbers, celery, red onion, roasted red peppers, and carrots. I also had a jalapeño pesto left over from another recipe and added that. It's my new favorite. I have it a couple of times a week for lunch.

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