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I am surrounded by people with all kinds of illnesses, discomforts... and so many of their health problems could be used by simply changing the way they eat. Since becoming a vegan, or ever before that, i have read so many researches, publications, clinical studies... u name it, about how certain foods can change certain conditions and i have experienced so many positive changes in my health, but still, every time i try to talk to a person close to me about the changes that could improve or even reverse their illnesses, no one is willing to even listen to me. Instead they keep running to all kinds of specialist, taking all kinds of drugs and spending tons of money. I know this might not be the right topic for this forum, but i just feel so frustrated and even angry. I want my family and friends to get better, to feel good and to have a long and happy life, but i just can't seem to find a way to make them understand...

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    Posted by DanielWebber at 07/25/13 00:48:35

    I have a very similar situation at home. It's important to have a certain level of detachment from other people, including family. Part of loving them is allowing them to make their own decisions.

    The best thing you can do is lead by example and try to expose them to new information.

    Hope everything works out!

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    Posted by DC1346 at 07/25/13 18:28:20

    Sometimes the more you push, the more you push people away. I used to regard vegans as annoying people who carried around these metaphorical soapboxes so that they could lecture the rest of us about animal rights and plant based diets.

    Now that I'm a vegan, I don't make a point of promoting this fact. I don't lecture friends or family about their diets.

    Some people have noticed that I've lost weight and for those who have asked, I've told them about my diet. My attitude is that this is no big deal. When it comes to what my friends and colleagues eat, I believe in a live and let live policy.

    If people want to ask about plant based diets, I'm happy to tell them - but I'm not pushing my viewpoint on anyone.

    I'm sorry you feel frustrated about these other people but if they're adults, they're responsible for their own lives.

    Case in point - my father is a liberal Democrat. My uncle is a conservative Republican. Whenever these two have a political discussion, things get overheated. Harsh words are exchanged and they wind up not talking to each other for months.

    My father is frustrated because he believes that his political viewpoints are right. The thing of it is that my uncle also believes that his opinions are right.

    I don't know if you've ever heard this adage but there are two things you should never talk about with people ... religion and politics.

    In this day and age perhaps we should add nutritional belief systems to the list of topics to not be discussed.

    As a former meat eater, I deeply resented vegetarians who presumed to offer me unsolicited advice because I interpreted these comments as lectures. I regarded vegetarians as tree hugging hippie throwbacks who were busy body know-it-all's.

    These people couldn't understand why I ate meat and I couldn't understand why they felt compelled to "save me" instead of just leaving me the heck alone.

    I regarded vegetarians with the same animosity that I regard missionaries who sometimes come uninvited to my door to ask me if I've "been saved."

    The fact that I'm Methodist apparently doesn't count because unless you're a ______ then you're not really saved. (Eye roll.)

    The funny thing is that after all of these years, I became a vegan. I did this for dietary and nutritional purposes ... not because anyone convinced me via unsolicited condescendingly smug lectures that veganism was the way to go.

    I adopted this diet in an effort to lose weight and to reduce my intake of saturated fats and cholesterol.

    If my vegetarian friends had just left me alone, I might have seen the light many years earlier ... but their constant nagging caused me to reflexively dig my heels in and to ignore their advice.

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