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Ground flax seeds that are supposed to be such a great addition to a vegetarian diet get really boring every day. Are there any ways to get them down with a little more delight in every bite?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 02/01/08 17:35:16

    Try mixing them into things so it's not so obvious they are there. You can add them to cookies, breads, etc.

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    Posted by brokenribbon at 02/01/08 21:35:24

    I add some to my smoothies or you can mix them in with your sandwich condiment (ex: mustard).

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    Posted by paragonx at 02/04/08 07:56:11

    I put them in my salad which i eat everyday. They are also in the cracker that i eat. They are called Mary's gone crackers and they are fan-fricken-tastic!

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    Posted by vegiedeb at 02/06/08 06:50:28

    I add them to my breakfast fruit smoothie every morning (plus flaxseed oil). I also include them in my muffin recipes.

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    Posted by katinjap at 02/06/08 18:47:40

    Yeah, the flaxseed oil is great. We use it as a salad dressing, in smoothies, or stir it in to stir-frys and curries, etc, after they're cooked.

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    Posted by rawmary at 02/15/08 10:49:06

    Here's a cool video about flax seed:

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    Posted by Yoshi at 02/18/08 07:55:03

    I throw a Tablespoon of ground flax seed in my cereal every morning...goes great with the vanilla soy milk. I also add it to yogurt.

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    Posted by whole1 at 02/29/08 17:23:42

    Flaxseeds, freshly milled, of course, provide such a great boost of energy that we would all do well to add them to our diet everyday. One of my favorite ways to eat freshly milled flaxseeds are in cottage cheese with crunchy croutons from our bakery and slices of fresh ripe pears. Delicious! For those who are vegan, flaxseeds can be used in any number of ways. Just sprinkle some on top of your salad or just before serving a stirfry. We believe in this superfood so much we add it to all of the breads, muffins and cookies we bake. It is high in alphalinolenic acid, excellent for protecting from cancer. Flax oil is good. But for the most amazing benefits you cannot beat freshly-milled. Whatever you do, do not buy it already ground. It loses nutrition quickly. So I also recommend to my customers that they do not buy much of it at a time. Buy a small coffee grinder and use it to grind fresh everyday. As women over the age of 30, we should have at least a 1/4 cup per day. I love it in smoothies and mixed with a little raw honey, peanut butter or almond butter for a wonderful spread on my morning toast. Whatever way you eat it, eating it is the key. Enjoy!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 02/29/08 19:05:12

    I also love flax crackers, my favorite brand is Mary's Gone Crackers. And of course the raw flax crackers at some of the good raw restaurants (like Cafe Gratitude, yummy yummy). I plan on making my own flax crackers, I have a good raw recipe.

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    Posted by auungbong at 03/19/08 15:17:02

    i always add ground flax seeds to pasta for my family.

    Every morning i make oatmeal and add a heaping teaspoon of flax along with my other add ins.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 03/19/08 18:35:42

    Make sure wherever you buy the oil especially that is constantly and carefully refrigerated!!

    That oil is especially volatile.

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