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I am so lucky in that my decision to go vegan coincided with the opening of an incredible all-vegan and organic restaurant that also specializes in raw cuisine. If you're ever in Ventura, look up Mary's Secret Garden. I would love to hear of other restaurants, especially in the So. Cal. area.

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    Posted by Chia at 05/10/07 15:48:19

    Hey Shelley, I didn't see a review on your profile for Mary's Secret Garden. You should write one! I live in Los Angeles where there are many vegetarian restaurants choices, including vegan ones. But I haven't had a reason to venture to Ventura yet... Ciao.

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    Posted by Althea Randolf at 05/11/07 09:26:04

    When I lived in San Antonio, my favorite Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant was Green Vegetarian Cuisine and Coffee. They have the best food in the world! (Or at least, it's really freakin' good.)

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    Posted by Shelley at 05/11/07 18:19:48

    Hey chia,

    I need to do that. I haven't really done my profile. One of the waitresses at Mary's said Daryl Hanna was at Mary's a couple days ago and Mariel Hemmingway has been in. I need to check out the L.A. area. I did find a really delicious restaurant in the Tarzana area called Vegan Thai, I believe it was. Really great. I also heard today that Heather Mills wanted to use her $ to start a vegan fast-food-type restaurant that would be all over. Wouldn't that be great?

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    Posted by scout at 05/16/07 15:54:36

    Out here in Wilmington NC, there's the obvious Tidal Creek Coop (which has some vegan and veggie choices, but only once in a while are those offered in the buffet. There's another place called Lovey's which is also in Wilmington but for some reason, not many people seem to know about it. I like both places, but I prefer Lovey's. They have more products, and their buffet always has something vegan for us. They also always list ingredients so there's no wondering if there might be anything hidden in any dish. :) We can also get veggie foods at Flaming Amy's (they have tofu and they make substitutions), Banyan Cafe, Indochine, The Mellow Mushroom, and even Ruby Tuesday has started offering a black bean burger which is GREAT (and big too, lol). There's a place called 2 Guys Grille that offers a veggie (not completely vegan I don't think because their bread tastes suspiciously buttery even though they can't tell us if there's butter in there) philly sandwich, nice and spicy, you can get it without cheese if you're vegan or with cheese if you're not, and you can get delicious sweet potato fries too! There's another place, I can't remember the name, but it's on Water Street and it's primarily an ice cream shop but they actually sell tofu dogs! :)

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    Posted by Tom at 06/21/07 05:00:22

    Hi everybody, thank you all for everything you're doing to help the voiceless, yourselves and our earth. Even without any other forms of activism, just living a vegetarian lifestyle is saving 90 lives a year at a minimum. An incredible positive impact. Favorite veg restaurants in no particular order...


    SPIRAL DINER in Ft Worth, TX

    KALACHANJIS in Dallas, TX


    SUSTYS in Northwood, NH

    LITTLE LADS in Portland, ME


    HAPPY BUDDHA in Queens,NYC

    COUNTRY LIFE in Keene, NH

    PEOPLES CO-OP cafe (vegan breakfast!) in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

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