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Hi all,
I came across a facebook account called "Go non - veg". It states "This is for those who are sick and tired of the undue attention Veganism, Vegetarianism and such impertinent aphorisms are garnering"

Well now, i think a little healthy discussion is needed. Suggest we infiltrate this account and post a few Go Veg thoughts :-)

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    Posted by Fallopia Tuba at 12/27/09 11:15:37

    Do you have a link for that? I know HTML will be stripped, but we can paste the link in our address bar.

    Is this an account or a group on Facebook?

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    Posted by Fallopia Tuba at 12/27/09 11:21:47

    Okay, found it; people, let's all become fans of this page, so we can post our real thoughts on the matter:

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    Posted by Tom at 02/16/10 06:17:27

    If they think veg/vegan choices are getting undue attention, they should seriously look at the immense amount of pro-meat/dairy propaganda, promotion and advertising that permeates every segment of our society. Those are the ones who are, and have always been, "telling" them what to eat.

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    Posted by Ryman at 03/04/10 14:10:12

    Where I disagree with their views I also respect them as their own and to be attacking, if you will, makes it no different than a troll coming on here and promoting meat, which would annoy the majority of us.

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