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Hello! A bit about me. I started watching what I eat back at the start of the Summer 2017. I weighed about 308 give or take a lb. I started to count my calories and got down to 275 back at the end of July with walking/jogging and yard work. At this time, I learned about Veganism and took the dive. It was super easy though and haven't looked back since.

My question right now is the weight loss has been consistent at about 2 to 3.6 lbs a week. Last week I weighed in at 257 and this morning I weighed in at 250, which was a 7 lb loss. I'm eating my calories as needed per Myfitnesspal and if I am hungry, I'm finding something to eat. Just wondered if anyone else has had such a sudden drop in weight too like this.

As extra notes, I am making sure that I use MFP for my minerals and vitamins to make sure to try and reach the DV for everything. I take my vegan multi-vitamin supplement. My B12 is a stronger dose so I only do it twice a week though I drink a lot of soy milk and probably get my B12. I add my chia seeds to meals until I decide on the algae oil.

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