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I own a country music venue where I produce shows for an audience of usually about two hundred people, mostly farmers and country folk. We share a love for music and with some criticizm I have kept them coming even though my consession stand is all vegetarian and I won't allow religious music while maintaing a family friendly environment. My challenge now is I have agreed to put together a festival on Memorial Day weekend to honor veterans and show appreciation to the community for their support and I need vegetarian food options (vendors) to feed possibly a thousand or so people. I am being criticized by some who say I am pushing my beliefs on others and should allow meat but If I have any control over this and I allow flesh to be served I feel like it would be the same as killing the animals myself. I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 03/31/12 18:47:58

    You sound like an an amazing person. Small towns are in dire need of people like you.

    You say this is an ethical challenge. I see no ethical dilemma whatsoever. You may have a logistical challenge finding vendors, but your ethics are on solid ground. Trust your gut instincts and stick to your values.

    As for them saying you are pushing your beliefs on others, that argument makes no sense. You could just as equally say that they are pushing their beliefs on you by asking you to allow meat. But don't go down that rabbit hole. It'll get you no where. My advice is to "own it". Forget the people who say you're pushing your beliefs. Just say "these are my values and I have to stick to my values". It may take a while for people to come around to seeing your point about vegetarianism and many never will, but just about everyone can respect someone who sticks to their values.

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