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Excerpt -

David Boreanaz, aka FBI agent Seeley Booth on Bones, leaps like an overgrown puppy onto the sofa in the office of Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan. "That tofu hamburger you got me was tasty," he raves to Emily Deschanel during a break on the set of the second-season drama.

Deschanel, who plays a forensic anthropologist, is a real-life vegan who avoids caffeine and sugar. She gives her costar an I-told-you-so smile, and it's clear their on-screen chemistry is based on genuine affection. "Did you know we'll be answering questions today that were submitted from the readers of TV Guide?" she asks. "How cool is that?" he replies, tagging on a question of his own: "Do you have to be really hungry if you're not vegan to like something vegan?" Deschanel rolls her eyes. "See," Boreanaz says, "this is what makes the characters work. This is improv - this is the way it goes down!"

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