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I only made the decision to become vegetarian earlier this year. Best decision I ever made..But I can only find one restaurant in Plymouth that is totally vegetarian. I'm sick of omelettes so does anyone have any suggestions please? I don't want to travel too far, carbon footprint, price of fuel etc.

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    Posted by treehugger at 07/24/08 01:47:38

    Asian and Indian restaurants always do a wide selection of vegetarian meals.
    Italian restaurants offer a lot of meat free pasta dishes and then there's always pizza.

    Pizza is really my only option when we eat out anywhere other than the single veggie restaurant in my town - and I always get weird looks from people when I ask for no cheese.

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    Posted by veganeatingout at 08/11/08 21:47:00

    My website may have some things to consider. There's always anywhere with a salad bar or fresh ingredients that you can ask to prepare together as you like.

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    Posted by treehugger at 08/12/08 01:49:15

    I would say that there's nice salad bars round Plymouth for sure but I know if I order salad here in Spain then out of 99% of the unvegan/vegetarian restaurants all I'm gonna get is a few salad leaves and some limp cucumber.

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