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What is your opinion on eating at places that also serve meat dishes? I always have the fear of cross contamination and would rather not eat at places that serve meat

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 03/30/17 09:59:41

    I'm personally not a fan of eating out regardless. The food tends to be overly greasy, expensive, and portions are ridiculous. But I do eat out maybe six times a year on average, more so since being involved in my local Vegan Meetup group. The thing is, where I live there are no all vegan restaurants, no all vegan groceries etc. So the next best thing to do is to increase demand for vegan options and send a message to omni restaurants that there is a a huge interest in plant based food. You do this by working with staff to ensure you get a vegan meal. I have had positive experiences at least 99% of the time. Staff are willing to go out of the way to make sure your meal is vegan and to your satisfaction, because they want you to come back.

    Because I don't like to make a huge scene at restaurants, I will often call or email ahead and ask questions, such as whether certain foods are cooked on the same grill as animal foods, or if there is honey in their bread, or if such and such a dish is or can be made vegan. It does require a little bit of knowledge about what foods are cooked with what. Some eastern Indian restaurants cook rice with ghee. But you can ask for your rice without. Some Asian restaurants use fish sauce in their vegetable dishes. Again, ask about this and request it be left off.

    I think cross contamination is less important than sending a message that plant based food and veganism is increasingly important and desirable. It is about working to end exploitation of animals, and getting more and more vegan items on menus at otherwise omni restaurants is one way of doing that. Ditto with grocery stores. I've sent countless request to management to get vegan items into local grocery stores (for example Tempeh products and SoDelicious coconut milk yogurts).

    I have also donated a vegan institutional book to my local hospital/medical complex and worked with the director of nutrition services there to get vegan items on the cafeteria menu and for patients who are vegan. They now have four regular vegan menu items and an increase in vegan products in their cafeteria, such as soy milks, hummus and bagels, fruit trays, and vegan commercial bars. This to me is a more important and worthwhile focus than trying to avoid every scrap of animal contaminate in a world where right now this is impossible.

    That said, there are some places I purposefully avoid as a statement, and any fast food restaurant fits that bill. I stand against not only their HUGE exploitation of billions of animals, but their contribution to so much disease, environmental destruction, mistreatment of employees/labor, all on such a large scale. If howeever, a fast food vegan restaurant opened nearby, I'd be there in a heartbeat. :)

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    Posted by happah10 at 04/21/17 23:42:29

    The subject of "cross contamination" is used when talking contamination of cooked food from raw animal foods. That should be a concern of anyone whether they eat animal products or not. It might also be a concern for those who are allergic to those ingredients. From a vegan standpoint, if trace amounts of cooked animal foods get in your dish, it isn't supporting animal suffering per se however you are still supporting a restaurant that profits from the suffering of animals.

    Personally, I avoid all restaurants regardless, unless I have to go out to eat with someone else but that's really got nothing to do with the issue of accidental servings of animal ingredients.

    By the way, when i go out to eat, i make it very clear to the server that "due to allergy concerns" make sure theres no egg or dairy and they seem to tske those requests seriously without follow up questions.

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    Posted by moshnotposh at 04/26/17 05:35:40

    I haven't got much choices... rarely restaurant serves vegan and gluten free dishes. However if they do I eat. Even if they cook meat in same kitchen, I don't like the idea of animals eating, but my soul is clean. I am supporting animals without posters and riot, just boycott animal product industry refusing to buy and eat it.

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