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I cant even get half way through Earthlings without turning into an absolute mess, I still havent watched it in full because of this. Wish that it was shown in schools as I would be very surprised if people could watch it all without changing their lifestyle somewhat after.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 12/17/14 07:09:54

    Thanks for mentioning this.

    There are quite a number of good documentaries out there.

    The original classic is "The Animals Film" from 1979. I showed it to a college class in 1982. Several students walked out, but many of those who stayed thanked me afterward.

    Among others are "A Cow at My Table", "The Witness", "Diet For a New America", "Peacable Kingdom", "Chicken for Dinner" and "Speciesism".

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    Posted by WallysButton at 12/17/14 09:17:26

    Halfway is pretty impressive! I couldn't even make it through the trailer!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 12/18/14 07:01:33


    The trailer is difficult, yes, but it's just a slap of reality. I hope that didn't stop you from watching the whole thing later...many great interviews and discussions.

    Though winning numerous awards, it was hard to find for a few years, for obvious reasons.

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    Posted by TerryCSTX at 12/24/14 13:42:20

    If you are already an ethical vegetarian/vegan, I see no need to torture yourself by watching it. If you need more education, continue to subscribe to vegetarian and vegan websites and pages.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 12/25/14 07:13:40

    "The Animals Film" was not created for folks who are already ethical vegans.

    It was meant to bring the reality of extreme abuse of non-human animals to the attention of the masses.

    The meat and dairy industries, the "animal research" industry, the fur industry, the exotic animal "pet" industry, etc., hope no one sees this classic documentary.

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    Posted by Kayales_XC17 at 05/09/15 00:40:22

    The book "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows" was the catalyst for my vegetarianism.

    "Earthlings" is my motivation to keep being a vegetarian.

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