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Hi everyone

I have a mostly vegan based nutrition, but make a few sporadic exceptions for patisseries and seafoods...

Still I wonder if some of you have experience with water fasting? How many days you would do it and how many times per year?


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    Posted by Heidi B. at 11/27/10 11:15:33

    I tried it a couple of times for 24 hours and felt very well the next day - very energetic. I've also tried juice fasts; basically fresh fruit juices in the morning and a mix of carrot/apple/celery/ginger juice in the afternoon and early evening.

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    Posted by chelsbells26 at 11/21/10 10:55:26

    I was trying to begin a water fast this week. I made it 24 hours before I was just really hungry. It scared me because I was dizzy. I decided to eat. I realized it was a bad idea because my blood sugar was kinda low at the time and that can be dangerous. Make sure that you are healthy enough for a water fast before you begin one. I was going to go for a week.

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    Posted by Double Dare at 05/08/11 12:09:24

    I'm happy to practice water rationing - in so far as using dishwater or bathwater to flush the bog or even water the lawn - when we have a dry spell as we have had for the past month, but water fasting is an insane idea. Christ, it is no wonder so many people think that vegans are cranks.

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    Posted by greggallup at 09/22/11 18:53:41

    I wouldn't do it (fasting) more than 24hrs unless I was being medically supervised. And I wouldn't do it for any length of time unless I had a reason to (i.e. I was sick) and I was able to let my body and mind rest completely i.e. staying in bed. Otherwise what's the point? You fast so you can allow your body to use all of its energy to heal/cleanse itself... but if you're not resting then you are just running on an empty tank and stressing yourself out more. That's starving not fasting.
    That said I've seen people overcome crazy health issues they've had at a fasting clinic in my hometown (True North Health in Santa Rosa, CA)

    In general its better just to eat a clean diet and your body will be able to keep up with any 'house cleaning' it needs to do.

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