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Check out this interesting thing I read on another forum. Have any of you heard of this "doctrine of signatures"?

"Food is medicine & medicine is food.

There's something in nature called the Doctrine of Signatures; all herbalists know this from many different indigenous civilizations. It is believed that everything was created with a signature or a sign, like a brand. Everything found in nature has a sign that gives indication of it's purposes. It's all around us but man today is blind. From the colour, shape, flowers, roots etc.

Cut a carrot it looks like a diagram of the outer eye. The pupil, the iris & radiating lines,.. science shows that carrots enhance blood flow to the eyes.
Tomatos have 4 chambers & are red, it's good for the heart & blood.
Walnuts look like little brains.
Peanuts are very good for the male libido... they were banned by the church in the middle ages often lol ... arginine, the main component found in Viagra, comes from peanuts.

Once you're dependent on someone else for you health & well being you become like a child again, helpless & in the hands of others."

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