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My father, a doctor and working in a biotech company, I can finally now describe how helped me to veganism.

When I was a teenager, (mainly) my mother had a friend. This friend had a family whom "had" rabbits. Two of those rabbits, while relatively young, my parents took in.
Literally took in.

They got an entire terrace and a fence they could escape - often running around in our gardens and neighbourhood. For this I am pride of my father especially.

Looking at how the common rabbits lives its life; in a cage - pacing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Chewing manically on food - I can imagine unable to taste and enjoy the food.

Imagine the microbiology in such a place. Now imagine how insane those rabbits must become and how that affects the children growing up around them, affects people in the environment and if you want to go ice cold about it: How it affects the workforce and output value.

Why is it so hard to have animals running around freely? I mean most of us know the killer rabbit from monty python, but seriously?

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 09/16/17 15:45:31

    Thank you for your personal experience and childhood story. I love to see rabbits running freely. Live and let live. I live and technically own 53 acres of forest and grassland (no one owns the land per se, I think of myself as caretaker for this life), and it is a self described and honored animal sanctuary. I am very protective of this land and I live in a rural Appalachian mountain community. I will always choose peaceful resolution over any violence. That's what family and friendship of humans and animals means to me. It's not easy but I am a vegan and spiritual pioneer in this area.

    The wild animals come and somehow know it's their place to be. They are safe from hunters here. The animals and ancestors were here long before humans. So I just coexist and if we see each other, we just stare into each others eyes and spirits, and communicate telepathically. It's a beautiful experience. To look into a deer's eyes and it knows I am a friend is life changing. In that moment, one sees rich life

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    Posted by happah10 at 09/19/17 01:54:52

    Setting pet species rabbits (the Eurasian rabbits) loose in other parts of the world has been a serious problem. They're considered an invasive species in some places like Australia. And the rabbits themselves may become prey. Im not advocating having caged pets but letting them "running around freely" can become an enormous problem. Some things just don't make ideal pets.

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