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Please add your comments to encourage Cookie Swirl C to take down her most recent Youtube video promoting Burger King. Her videos are aimed at children, and she has millions of subscribers.
This is my comment I posted on the video: Cookie Swirl C - why are you promoting an industry based on the killing of billions of innocent animals per year and which causes the most environmental destruction as well as being the direct cause of all major diseases? Not only that, but you are promoting it to CHILDREN. Even Mcdonalds have been successfully banned from targeting children in their advertising, and sued over this. My kids are vegan and love to watch your videos, but my 10 year old is completely turned off, calling you an animal abuser. Also, a lot of the squishy things and candies you promote contain gelatin and animal products. This is the new generation of children, who have to fix all of the problems their parents and grandparents have caused through ignorance and greed. Why not stand for something and promote real issues and a more ethical way of life? Kids truly respond to that. Until you remove this video, my kids will no longer be allowed to watch your videos. Thanks!

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