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Just a warning to those who don't eat fish or oyster sauce...

Nana is a new Thai place on Queen St which advertises vegetarian dishes. When we arrived, we were told all their dishes contain fish sauce, and they could not omit it. We found that odd, as most asian places we eat show that flexibility.

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    Posted by Unnamed Narrator at 05/18/15 18:23:54


    That simply screams "pre-made".

    If I want something "pre-made" I will stay home and enjoy my own leftovers. When i eat out I expect it all to be prepared at the time I order.

    This reminds me of restaurants that use MSG. If you can't cook without flavour enhancer, you are not a chef! if you cannot cook to order... you are not a chef (or even a cook worth paying, for that matter).


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    Posted by Edna F at 05/28/15 21:54:20

    Thanks for the warning and yes I would like to avoid these restaurant for sure. And yes, feels quite disgusting to me.

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    Posted by flipmitch at 05/31/15 05:50:29

    Then that's false advertising, you can't advertise something as vegetarian that simply isn't. Here in the UK I'd go straight to trading standards, that's just plain illegal!

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    Posted by VeganIsMyMiddlename at 07/13/15 12:18:07

    Yeah, that's crazy. It's not vegetarian if dead animal products are in it.

    I have to eat out a fair bit, when I travel. It's always funny to me, at some Asian restaurants, when the "vegetarian" section is all meat dishes...just with lots of vegetables. (No understanding of the meaning of the word.)(I'd blame it on the language barrier, but plenty of english-speakers think poultry and fish are vegetarian.)

    I have recently eaten at a Chinese restaurant near my cottage, a few times. It's my husband's choice. There is one entree item (seriously...just one) that doesn't have meat in it: "Vegetable Delight". So far, I've had different wait staff, each time. And, so far, the reaction is always the same. Me: "Can I be sure to get that without any animal products in it?" Server: "Absolutely. There is no meat in it." Me: "But I also don't want any fish sauce, oyster sauce, clam sauce, etc." Server: "Oh. Okay. I didn't realize. I'll be sure to tell them in the kitchen, because I'm pretty sure they use that."

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